Are Pain And Suffering Compensated in NC After an Accident?

Pain and suffering are most certainly experienced after you are in a severe accident. The injuries incurred in an accident can put you in physical pain and mental distress, especially when someone else’s negligence or fault caused the accident. Mental and emotional pain may include grief, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and fear. Pain and suffering entail the emotional, physical, and mental stress that the victim goes through after the accident and during the recovery phase. And sometimes, it may last a lifetime, especially if the accident results in paralysis or permanent disability.

Can I Recover All Of My Medical Bills if I’ve Been in a Car Wreck in North Carolina?

You’ve been in a car wreck and you have medical bills stacking up. You may have health insurance that covers the bills, or you may be uninsured. In either case, is the full amount of your full medical bills recoverable if you’ve been in a car wreck in North Carolina?

Seat Belt Laws in North Carolina

According to the CDC, most of the drivers and passengers killed in car accidents are unrestrained. If a driver wears a seat belt, they can lower the risk of death in a crash by nearly 45 percent and the risk of severe injury by approximately 50 percent. The majority of the time, people in the car are ejected from their seats during a crash and hit the windshield, dashboard, and steering wheel. All this leads to injuries. Therefore, wearing a seat belt can save you and the people riding with you from severe injuries and possible fatalities.

Ride-sharing Accident—What You Need to Know

In a few years, ride-sharing has become one of the most popular ways to commute in North Carolina and countrywide. And why not, it is economical, feasible, and convenient. Research shows that thousands of people rely on ride-sharing services such as Lyft and Uber to get to work, do last-minute shopping, or go back home after an outing.

How to Maximize Your Car Accident Claim Settlement?

Apart from the physical pain and suffering that comes after a car accident, victims also have to face an uphill task to get a fair financial settlement for the injuries and property damages incurred. Since most of the time, injuries are severe, it confines victims to bed and takes weeks and months in recovery. The cost of ongoing medical treatment and loss of income due to missed days at work are financially crippling. And because of all this, victims can’t afford to accept a low-ball offer from insurance companies.

Is Blowing Grass Clippings in the road Illegal in North Carolina?

The sound of lawnmowers around the neighborhood, especially during summers, may seem familiar and harmless. But sadly, it is quite dangerous for approaching motorcycles. As lawns get trimmed, grass clippings are often blown and left on roads, which can lead to severe injuries to motorcyclists and even result in death. Most motorcyclists agree that hitting grass clippings in the road is just like hitting black ice. It’s that dangerous because navigating over slick ice is not easy.