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People injured in accidents caused by others’ negligence need to focus on getting well during a highly stressful time. A personal injury lawyer will put client needs first and guide clients to make sound decisions based on facts instead of emotions. Personal injury attorneys have experience investigating accidents, determining a fair settlement amount, and negotiating with the other party in a case. Learn about key details for finding a personal injury lawyer in Rock Hill, South Carolina. A personal injury attorney can guide you or your family member through the legal process during this challenging time, pursuing a fair outcome for your case.

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When Is a Personal Injury Lawyer Needed?

Accidents causing injury and property damage may require an attorney, especially when injuries could require medical care over time. The injured party isn’t sure what to do next or feels pressured to settle. Accident victims should focus on getting better and often need an advocate who can help them get the compensation they deserve.

Accidents often lead to medical bills, loss of work, loss of future earnings, and other losses that are difficult to measure with a dollar figure alone. Attorneys assess anticipated lifetime costs for more severe injuries and pursue compensation for expenses such as medical bills and care, assistive devices, lost wages and earning potential, lost benefits, and other factors such as pain and loss of quality of life. Emotional suffering, including stress, anxiety, and psychological issues, may also be part of a settlement that an attorney seeks.

Keep notes and other documentation from your case, and be prepared to provide a detailed summary of what happened during the initial consultation with an attorney. Details allow an attorney to decide the best course of action and whether legal action is necessary for a case.

An attorney in the personal injury practice area will be able to provide legal services and ensure your case gets the best result, whether it be a negotiated settlement, jury trial, or alternative dispute resolution. Alternative dispute resolution, ADR, is a method of resolving a case through mediation or arbitration. Through mediation, a facilitator brings the parties to an agreement. Arbitration occurs through a small panel, usually three people, who serve as judges and make a binding decision by majority vote that bypasses a jury trial.


What Qualities Should You Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney in Rock Hill, South Carolina?

Hire a Rock Hill personal injury attorney who puts your interests first and has experience handling your type of case. Personal injury claims can be hard to navigate, and insurance companies often convince injured parties to agree to insufficient settlements. An experienced attorney will guide you to the best possible outcome and approach legal issues from an objective perspective. Seek an attorney who will offer legal advice, provide a free consultation at the first meeting with you, put your interests first, and help you take action based on facts and not emotions, opening the door to a more fair settlement.

Insurance companies investigate circumstances around accidents, such as car accidents or truck accident, and an attorney representing the accident victims will do the same. Personal injury attorneys and their colleagues will uncover your case’s facts and evidence, including reconstructing the accident if needed. Law firms can use facts and expert witnesses to show fault and seek evidence from other sources such as security footage, witnesses, and online communication.

Seek an attorney with experience working with complex medical issues and communicating with the other side’s legal representation, especially during what is known as the fact-finding phase, where both sides share facts and documentation.

Working with a personal injury lawyer can provide the best result, whether it be a settlement with an insurance company or a case that goes to a jury trial. Many cases get resolved before trial. Seek an attorney skilled at negotiating for the best settlement. Signing a settlement prevents injured parties from seeking further compensation even if more medical needs arise in the future.


What Are Standard Personal Injury Attorney Fees?

Injured parties represented by personal injury attorneys don’t pay upfront fees or a retainer. The lawyer offers services on a contingency fee, with attorney fees — about 33% — deducted from the settlement received at the end of the case. Personal injury lawyers take on cases they believe have merit and will be successful, based on their case evaluations

Sliding scales of fees are an option some lawyers may choose. Fees would be lower the earlier a case gets resolved. Cases resolved early in the negotiation phase would result in a lower percentage paid in attorney fees. In comparison, cases that reach the trial stage would result in a higher percentage of the settlement going toward attorney fees.

Personal injury attorneys cover many costs and deduct them from the future settlement or court award. These expenses may include the following:

  • Medical records retrieval.
  • Expert witness fees.
  • Investigations.
  • Transcripts and exhibits for trial.

Some charges such as court costs or document fees may be the responsibility of the injured party.

Attorneys receive the settlement check and first pay any bills and fees, itemizing costs, and then distribute the remainder to the accident victim.


What Types of Cases Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Handle?

Personal injury attorneys handle various cases, ranging from auto accidents to premises liability and encompassing numerous types of injuries and property losses. Many factors could be in play, including who the responsible parties are for the accident.

Personal injuries can take many forms — from spinal cord injuries to head injuries — that require specialized knowledge and an understanding of injuries’ short- and long-term effects.

Injuries could be connected to a place as well. Premises liability cases involve injuries at a property, including slip-and-fall accidents, unsafe conditions, and dog bites. Visitors to the property have reasonable safety expectations and may need to prove negligence in a premises liability case.

Medical malpractice cases are also commonly handled by attorneys, who must prove a doctor or medical provider’s negligence to have a case. Medical care must meet standards of practice recognized in the field. The malpractice must also have caused harm to the patient.

A personal injury attorney may handle injuries related to nursing homes, defective drugs, faulty products, and workplace injuries.

Personal injury attorneys also handle wrongful death lawsuits, representing spouses, children, and others who have suffered a loss of companionship and support due to negligence.


What Type of Damages Can You Claim in a Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury victims may seek three different types of damages in Rock Hill, South Carolina, cases:

  • Economic damages are the most visible type of compensation. They include current and future lost income, workers’ compensation, medical bills, medications, therapy, equipment, and other damages assigned a monetary value.
  • Noneconomic damages include pain and suffering, loss of companionship, loss of enjoyment of life, and psychological issues.
  • Punitive damages provide additional damages to the victim when the defendant shows a high degree of negligence and disregard for the other party’s safety. Punitive damages provide further punishment and serve as a means to keep others from being negligent.


Each state has its own rules for personal injury awards in cases where negligence was a contributing factor. South Carolina is an at-fault state, which means the insurance provider for the person at fault pays the injured party for damages incurred in an accident. South Carolina also has what is known as modified comparative negligence, which means that a victim can claim damages if they are 50% or less at fault for an accident. Accident victims who are a percentage responsible for an accident will have their damages reduced by a proportional percentage.

Personal injury attorneys can navigate complex laws and circumstances, placing their client’s needs first. They can act based on facts and research; they will steer clients away from being rushed into a settlement that doesn’t meet their needs. An attorney will be able to look beyond emotions and pressure tactics, seeking the best possible compensation, ensuring contracts get followed, and claims get paid.


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