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Update on Bill 477

The Victim’s Fair Treatment Act did not make it to the Senate floor for a vote last month. This means that we still need your help and ask that you reach out to your legislators and ask them to support this bill.What is this Act?Also known as Bill 477, this act seeks to end North Carolina’s Contributory Negligence law. Under this law insurance companies don’t have to pay you a penny if you were even 1% at fault for an...

Choose A Board Certified Attorney 

Board Certified Attorney
Choose A Board Certified Attorney Look at the following example: a motorcycle rider gets struck by a car. The driver of the car failed to yield the right of way to the biker. Motorcycles, by their design, have less protection than a car. When they are involved in an accident—regardless of fault, they could receive severe to catastrophic injuries. For the person on the motorcycle, there’s the possibility of medical bills for both the immediate and long-term injuries sustained in...

Legislation to End Contributory Negligence Defense

Did you know that North Carolina is one of only 4 states that allows insurance companies to get away with not paying for most accident victims’ injuries?North Carolina law allows wrongdoers to assert a defense that lets them completely avoid responsibility for the harms they cause. This defense is known as Contributory Negligence.What is Contributory Negligence?Under Contributory Negligence, an at-fault defendant argues that a victim should be totally and completely barred from any recovery because the victim contributed to some...

Important Fact About Your Insurance

Uninsured Motorist Coverage
When you buy liability insurance for your automobile in North Carolina you are also buying an equal amount of uninsured motorist coverage UNLESS you sign a waiver to NOT have it.So, if you crash into someone, your liability insurance is to pay for the harms you cause up to the amount of coverage you bought.This is of course only true if what you did was actually covered by the insurance policy, which is a contract and has exclusions. If someone...

Why Mediation First in North Carolina Personal Injury Cases

Many people believe that once their lawsuit is filed in Court, the next step is trial. While that may be true in some states, every case that is filed in North Carolina Civil Superior Court is required to go through mandatory mediation. This is usually the final step before a case receives a trial date.In laymen’s terms, mediation is a meeting between the parties, their attorneys, and a mediator that both sides choose, where they try to get the case...

Complexities of Medical Treatment in a Soft Tissue Case

You’ve been involved in an accident where you feel someone else was at fault and you’re injured, but not seriously enough to warrant a $1,000 ambulance ride.What do you do? Do you immediately go to the hospital? Wait until the next day to see how you are feeling? Wait a week or so to see if your injuries get better on their own with time? Ultimately, those decisions are up to you, but failing to get medical treatment or failing...

Rachel Mary Noorthoek Named to Million Dollar Advocates Forum

Attorney Rachel Noorthoek
For Immediate Release Attorney Rachel Mary Noorthoek Named to Million Dollar Advocates ForumThe Million Dollar Advocates Forum is pleased to announce that Attorney Rachel Mary Noorthoek of The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor in Hickory, NC has been certified as a member. The Million Dollar Advocates Forum is recognized as one of the most prestigious groups of trial lawyers in the United States. Membership is limited to attorneys who have won million-dollar verdicts, awards, and settlements. The organization was founded in 1993...

Julie’s Story

Julie was driving home late at night after attending an out-of-county training session for work.  Her employer sent her for the training and it was a requirement that she attend. While driving home, a drunk driver crossed the centerline of a two-lane road and collided head-on with Julie’s vehicle.  Julie would be immediately taken to the local hospital where she would undergo hours of surgery and begin a long course of physical therapy on the road to recovery from her serious injuries.  The drunk driver would succumb to her injuries...

Understanding Gap Insurance

Illustration of cars, tow truck, money, check mark, percentage sign revolving in a circle to represent a cycle for Gap Insurance
What is Gap Insurance?Gap insurance is optional insurance coverage you can purchase generally through your lienholder or car dealership when you finance the purchase or lease of your new car.We all know that the moment you drive your car off the lot, it starts to substantially lose its value. In the event that you are involved in a collision in which your car is totaled and you owe more on your car than it’s worth, gap insurance helps to cover...

I Was Hit By Someone Who Was Texting While Driving

Distracted Driver texting while man crosses street in front of their car
We have all seen it. You are driving along and see the car next to you with the driver looking at their phone and not paying attention to traffic.Texting and driving perhaps? They may weave from their lane of travel into yours.  You may honk your horn and snap them out of their urgent Facebook viewing or texting. Many are not lucky enough to see in advance the carelessness going on in the car next to them or behind them. ...

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