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When you are suffering, some folks will come to your aid as you would expect and hope they would. Others, well others are completely unexplainable, they will say and do nasty things, and wish bad things upon you. Fortunately, most of the bad folks are limiting their hateful nonsense to places like social media where they think they are relevant. There is another group of people you may have to deal with that sound like they care but sometimes their concern is really more about their job and corporate bottom line than about you recovering from your losses. You may have guessed it, the insurance adjusters.

This is where we come in; we are in the business of representing people injured by other people or businesses. Our offices are located throughout NC and SC and while we handle cases throughout both states, out headquarters are right here in Hickory. Jason Taylor has been practicing law in Catawba County and surrounding counties since 1993. Jason moved to Catawba County in about 2005 and has been a citizen, business owner and farmer in Catawba County ever since.

While we all know we cannot do anything to change the fact that an accident happened, we strive to make the journey financially safer and emotionally easier. Our experienced lawyers, case managers, legal assistants and investigators work together as a team with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome for our clients, you. Your happiness is our success. So, if you have been injured, go into the fight armed with a powerful team of capable legal professionals. Visit The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor and enlist the services of our experienced and knowledgeable Hickory personal injury attorneys.

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