Damages can be Caused by Businesses

At around 8:30 am on April 7, 2020, hundreds of Hickory homes were affected by a massive explosion at the OneH2 hydrogen fuel cell plant. While thankfully, there have not been any deaths reported from the blast, many homes within the blast radius of the plant have suffered property damage.

This damage has included roofs, doors, windows, and, in some cases, even the foundation of local homes. In addition to the property damage, there is undoubtedly an effect on the residents’ mental health.

The sense of security that those residents had at the time just up until the explosion is now gone. Something completely out of their control has dramatically affected them. This feeling is presumably even worse for children who, in many cases, are unlikely to feel safe in their homes for quite some time.

While nothing can undo the past and take the OneH2 explosion or others like it away, those affected by explosions or other actions by a negligent business can seek compensation through the court system.

If the actions of a negligent business have physically, emotionally, or financially injured you, contact the Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor to discuss whether we can assist you in seeking recovery.

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