What do you do if you are involved in a multi-car accident in Hickory, North Carolina?

cars on road during daytime

Not every accident is as simple as two cars colliding. If you have been involved in a chain-reaction rear-end collision or have been T-boned and vaulted into on-coming traffic where you are hit by yet another vehicle, there may be more than one party at fault. Read more to find out how we can help you navigate potential murky waters of liability in these situations.

Imagine you are on your way home from a milkshake run at the Cook-Out on North Center Street in Hickory. As you are sitting at the light at the intersection of Center Street and 17th Avenue NW, you feel an impact from behind. Seconds later, you feel another impact. Which vehicle is at fault?

In this example, it sounds like both vehicles may equally share responsibility for your injuries and damages. However, liability may ultimately depend on the nature and severity of each impact as well as your injuries. Sometimes, like with a broken wrist or nose, it may be obvious which impact caused the injury. Unfortunately, it is often not so clear cut, particularly with back or neck pain that may not immediately start at the accident scene.

The main piece of advice is to be very clear with the investigating officer about what happened. This can be challenging during the stressful time immediately after an accident. Let the officer know how many impacts you felt and how close in time they were. If you are not clear about the number of impacts, the accident report may read more like a chain reaction, when in fact, this particular scenario is not. It is two separate accidents. You were first hit by the driver directly behind you, who was most likely following too closely. Then, after you were hit, the driver behind them was either following too closely or not paying attention and rear-ended the person who hit you, pushing them into you a second time.

To complicate matters even more, the “middle” driver may deny they hit you first and try to say they were simply pushed into you. These types of accidents often end up in court, both automobile liability insurance companies denying it was their driver’s negligence that caused your injuries. That is why it is so important to have experienced car accident attorneys like the ones at the Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, PC in Hickory, North Carolina, who will help you fight for compensation for your personal injury claim.

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