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After suffering a work injury filing for workers’ compensation benefits will not always be straightforward and free of conflict. If there is any reason to question or doubt how much coverage you expect or your reasoning for wanting benefits, then a workers’ compensation hearing will be necessary.

To prepare for this hearing and increase your chances of success, you can contact The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor and talk to our North Carolina personal injury attorneys about your options. Our legal team has more than a century’s worth of combined legal experience we can put to use when preparing for and arguing during your workers’ compensation hearing.

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Prepare Your Argument With our Help

The purpose of many workers’ compensation hearings is to require the injured party to testify how the accident occurred, how it is linked to their injury, and why they deserve coverage. Understanding what the hearing administrators expect to hear and forming your argument with that in mind can prove to be an irreplaceable benefit. Our North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers are well-versed in the process and capable of helping you prepare your testimony ahead of time.

Your discussion for the hearing administrators will want to cover:

  • Details about how your accident occurred and who might be to blame.
  • Your necessary medical treatments – previous and future.
  • Physical limitations caused by your injury that affect your work capability.

We can help you collect and analyze information relevant to your workers’ compensation hearing, effectively taking all of the legwork out of your preparation. It is best if you can focus on resting while we manage the rest. You may also be able to allow our team to speak on your behalf during your hearing. Call (800) 351-3008 to learn more about your options.

Stand Up for Your Rights During the Hearing

When you go before the administrator or judge for your workers’ compensation hearing, it will not just be you in that court or conference room. An insurance company representative and perhaps a lawyer for that company will be there as well. You should expect that the opposing party will try to challenge the key details of your argument, or at least give their own reasons why your compensation amount should be minimized or denied.

During the hearing, you should always:

  • Remain respectful and calm.
  • Ask your lawyer privately if you have further questions.
  • Answer truthfully when questioned – you are technically under oath.
  • Avoid divulging more information than is requested.

Depending on the state you live in, it might be between 30 days to 90 days for you to receive the judge’s ruling decision on your workers’ compensation hearing. In North Carolina and South Carolina, most judges are required to send a decision no later than 30 days. If the order is not to your benefit, you can attempt to appeal the decision.

We are Here to Support Your Claims

From preparations to appeals, our work injury attorneys in Hickory, Charlotte, Greenville, Columbia, and Rock Hill can be your trusted guide throughout the entirety of your workers’ compensation hearing. You will find that we genuinely want to see you comfortable and recovering from a work-related injury. If your injury is so severe that you can never return to full work duties, you can rest assured knowing that we will do all we can to maximize your benefits or explore the option of using a lawsuit to seek compensation.

Discuss the details of your case by calling (800) 351-3008 and asking for a free consultation.

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Workers' Compensation Hearings

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