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Any motor vehicle accident can require an attorney to represent the victim’s rights. Accidents involving commercial trucks and tractor-trailers, however, bring more complexity around liability. It’s also harder to determine responsible parties since commercial vehicles are subject to special laws and regulations. Accidents involving commercial trucks are often more severe because of the size of the vehicle. These accidents require an attorney with special experience and knowledge.

One party’s negligence can have physical, financial, and mental effects on the other party. Injury victims should focus on their recovery. Hire a specialized attorney who can navigate the complexities of a tractor-trailer case. A Hickory truck accident attorney can negotiate on your behalf and help you make decisions based on facts instead of emotions. An attorney with experience in this highly specialized area of law can guide your case to a fair settlement. You want to get a settlement that will compensate you or a family member for any present and future needs.

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Why do I need a truck accident lawyer in Hickory?

Personal injury and property damage from accidents involving large trucks are often substantial, and cases are typically more complex. They become even more complicated when commercial trucks are involved. Personal injury attorneys investigate the truck driver and the employer. They find facts about the driver’s employment and training. They also investigate the number of hours the driver worked and the truck’s condition involved in the accident.

Commercial truck drivers have strict standards to follow. These standards determine whether a vehicle is roadworthy. They also address how the truck is loaded. Laws say how many hours the driver can operate the truck in a day. Because commercial trucks are so big, accidents they’re involved in can be dangerous and result in severe, life-changing injuries or even death. The people involved might have short-term and long-term medical needs. Therefore, trucks and their drivers are held to higher standards than average motorists.

A Hickory truck accident lawyer will investigate the factors involved in your accident and protect your rights. These cases’ complexity adds to the importance of getting an attorney to represent your interests. A truck accident lawyer is essential for accidents resulting in severe injuries. These injuries might lead to long-term medical care or loss of potential income. Cases might call for punitive damages for pain and suffering if the responsible party was negligent.

Attorneys can identify responsible parties and key facts showing responsibility. This can be incredibly complex for commercial vehicles. Incidents that involve multiple injured parties also require attorneys to advocate for the injured parties. Truck accident attorneys have experience communicating with insurance companies. Victims and their families should provide their attorney with all the details they can about the accident. They should also share any recordings, photos, or documentation they have to build a strong case.
Truck accident cases often get settled out of court through negotiations. Other outcomes include jury trials and alternative dispute resolutions (ADRs). ADRs result in a final decision by a facilitator and a panel of about three people.

How much does a Hickory truck accident lawyer cost?

Truck accident lawyers typically work on contingency. Contingency means they only get paid if they settle the case successfully. Fees can range from 25% to 40% of the final settlement. The most common fee is 33%. Truck accident lawyers might reduce the contingency fee for strong cases with severe injuries. Related fees get taken out of the settlement amount. Related fees include investigation costs, attorney fees, expert witness fees, court costs, and other expenses. The law firm handling the case processes the settlement check and pays all parties.

Personal injury lawyer fees can also vary depending on the time it takes to resolve a case. Sliding scales can mean lower fees if a case settles quickly. Cases that require a jury trial will require higher fees. If the case requires extra work, the fees will be higher. Accident victims might be responsible for added costs such as separate court fees or document filing fees.

What should I look for in a Hickory truck accident attorney?

When seeking a truck injury lawyer, consider other factors beyond the basic criteria. Hickory tractor-trailer accident lawyers should understand these cases’ unique laws and regulations.

A truck accident attorney will investigate the accident to find important details that can help resolve your case. They will keep you updated on the status of your case while you and your family concentrate on your recovery. A truck accident lawyer focuses on cooperation among the parties. The parties include the insurance companies, other attorneys, and the responsible driver. During the discovery phase, both sides share documentation and facts freely.

To build a strong case, truck accident attorneys should have experience conducting investigations. They need to fill in the blanks where insurance or police investigations are missing information. Cases involving large commercial vehicles will have more complex needs. They might require the help of expert witnesses or accident reconstruction. The attorney will also watch for any evidence that appears online. This includes social media postings and other sources.

Look for a truck accident attorney who has experience in complex accidents involving large commercial vehicles. You want one that seeks the most efficient and fair way to resolve your case, so you can get compensated for your losses.

How does liability work for truck accidents in Hickory, NC?

Like other motor vehicle accidents, liability is a key factor in who pays for damages. A thorough investigation should include assessing the accident scene. It will also include reviewing police documentation and getting information from witnesses. Truck accidents call for the driver and the driver’s employer to be investigated as well. Both truckers and their employers can be liable in these cases.

Truck driver training and the number of hours the driver worked on the day of the accident are important factors. Drivers require specific training and must follow many more regulations than regular motorists. These regulations address the number of hours a day they can drive. The truck’s condition might also be a cause of an accident. Inspection records and evidence of mechanical issues could provide more proof of liability. Liability affects settlements significantly.

A truck accident lawyer will confirm that the truck driver is qualified. This can be done by requesting a driver qualification file from the employer, which is required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It includes driver history, records, and medical information. The attorney will check the electronic on-board recorder or electronic logging device. Attorneys or their investigators might also examine the scene of the accident and the truck involved. Accident reports from the National Transportation Safety Board might also be part of a case.

Attorneys need to determine the trucking company’s relationship with the driver to determine who is liable. Sometimes companies own the vehicles. Other times truck drivers own the trucks. Drivers might be direct employees or contractors, so an attorney must determine the liable party.

What are the most common causes of truck accidents?

Truck accidents can happen anytime. The most common causes of truck accidents in Hickory, however, include:

  • Inattentive driving. Drivers can be distracted by everything from in-person conversations to texting. If a truck driver isn’t paying attention to the road ahead, the chances of an accident happening increase. Truck drivers need to focus on their driving above all else.
  • Reckless driving. Speeding, swerving in and out of traffic, and tailgating are all factors that can contribute to truck accidents. Truck drivers who drive aggressively increase their chances of causing an accident.
  • Impaired driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and certain medications can slow drivers’ reflexes and reaction times. Drivers also shouldn’t get behind the wheel if they’re very tired, which is another type of impaired driving.
  • Shifting cargo. If the truck’s load isn’t tied properly, it might move during a turn or stop. This shift in cargo weight can cause the truck to swerve or overturn, resulting in an accident.
  • Poor maintenance. Many trucks are hazardous because of poor maintenance. If a truck breaks down on the road, it increases the chances of an accident occurring.

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Find an experienced Hickory truck accident lawyer soon after a truck accident. These large vehicles often cause severe accidents.  Attorneys representing victims of commercial vehicle accidents must have experience investigating drivers. They might also need to look at the employers and the trucks involved. Truck accident cases are more complex than regular vehicle accidents. The complexity comes from the laws around liability, driver regulations, and vehicle inspections.

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