What Is a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Rock Hill, SC?


What Is a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Rock Hill, SC?

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Personal injury cases are some of the most common cases in South Carolina. If you or someone you love has suffered an injury caused by another person’s negligence or carelessness, The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor is here to help. We have over 25 years of experience representing accident victims across South Carolina, including Rock Hill, Columbia, and other areas.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys are dedicated to helping you recover the full and fair compensation you need and deserve if you’ve been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. We are committed to fighting for your rights, ensuring you receive a fair settlement or verdict.

What is a Personal Injury?

A personal injury is a physical harm caused by an accident, negligence, or medical malpractice. A personal injury lawyer can help you recover compensation for your injuries if you’ve suffered a car accident, slip and fall, dog bite, medical malpractice—or any other injury that wasn’t your fault.

What Types of Cases Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Take in Rock Hill, NC

Personal injury cases involve a person’s physical and emotional well-being. Some examples of personal injury cases include:

A personal injury lawyer can help you obtain compensation for costs related to medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages related to the incident that caused your injuries. They can also help you file a lawsuit against the person or company responsible for your injuries. They’ll handle discussions with insurance carriers on your behalf and negotiate with them to recover compensation for injuries sustained in an accident.

Do I Really Need to Hire a Rock Hill Personal Injury Attorney for My Case?

If you have been injured in an accident and are considering filing a personal injury claim, it is crucial that you hire an attorney for your case and especially if you end up needing to file a lawsuit. Many procedural rules must be followed carefully for any lawsuit to succeed and from the beginning we proceed as if the case will go to court so that no evidence is overlooked or missed.

Failure to meet these requirements could result in the dismissal of your lawsuit. Filing without an attorney is risky and may cause unnecessary delays with no chance of recovery down the road when hiring one becomes necessary after all.

Should I Talk with the Insurance Company?

Generally, personal injury victims should not talk to the insurance company without their attorney. This is because they aim to get you to settle your case for as little money as possible. They do this by using tactics like offering low settlement amounts and trying to manipulate you into giving them a recorded statement that they can use against you in court.

It’s always best to wait for your lawyer to contact the insurance company and negotiate with them on your behalf. Your lawyer will know how to handle the situation, which questions to ask, and when to ask them. They can also help you better understand what happened during the accident to give a more detailed statement if necessary.

Rock Hill Personal Injury Lawyers Work on a Contingency Fee Basis

You’ll likely be entitled to compensation if you’ve been hurt in an accident. You may have medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages that need to be paid. If someone else was responsible for your injuries, there’s a good chance they’re liable for paying this compensation. If you want to pursue a personal injury case for fair compensation, a Rock Hill personal injury lawyer can help ensure that happens.

In most cases, attorneys work on a contingency basis—you won’t pay anything unless your claim is successful. That means if no settlement or judgment is awarded in your favor at the end of the trial and appeals process, then the attorney doesn’t get paid either. However, there may be certain expenses that you’re responsible for paying. For example, those costs will be deducted from your compensation award if you need to hire an expert witness or take a deposition. If you are successful, those expenses will come out of the settlement or verdict so that you don’t have to front them.  

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

The statute of limitations is a time limit for filing a lawsuit. In South Carolina, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is generally three years from the date of the accident or violation. A court will dismiss your case if you do not file an action within three years after an injury or harm occurs. The statute of limitations in your particular case is one of the first things you should discuss with your attorney. 

How Long Does it Take to Settle Personal Injury Claims?

How long a personal injury claim takes to settle varies from case to case, but typically the process can last for months or even years. Generally, the longer a case goes on and the more complex it gets, the less likely you will settle outside court.

You should always hire an experienced lawyer who knows how to handle personal injury claims if you are serious about pursuing compensation for your damages. A lawyer can help you understand what kind of settlement to expect in your particular situation and how long it might take for your case to be resolved by going through each step with you one-on-one at no extra cost.

How Our South Carolina Lawyers Can Help You

At The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, our lawyers are well-versed in personal injury law, meaning they know how to establish and prove a strong case for you. They understand how insurance companies work, which means they can reduce your expenses and increase the value of your claim.

Our lawyers have experience dealing with insurance adjusters, so there are no surprises during the negotiation phases. An experienced attorney knows how much money should be offered based on specific injuries sustained by each case; thus, they can negotiate effectively on their client’s behalf.

What Types of Compensation Are Generally Available for Personal Injury Claims?

The types of compensation available in a personal injury lawsuit vary depending on the claim. The most common types of compensation include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages (past and future)
  • Pain and suffering, which includes emotional distress
  • Permanent injury or disability
A disabled man is sitting in a wheelchair. He holds his hands on the wheel. personal injuries

Let Our Rock Hill Personal Injury Lawyers Help With Your Case

If you need a personal injury lawyer, contact our Rock Hill office today. The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor legal team is here to help if you have been injured due to another person’s negligence. Call our law firm today to learn more about how we can assist you with your case.

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