Most common motorcycle accidents in Rock Hill, SC and how they happen

Most common motorcycle accidents in Rock Hill, SC, and how they happen

If you are riding your motorcycle in York County South Carolina, lets say your in Rock Hill on your way to the Rock Hill Firefighters Museum between Saluda and Elizabeth Lane before you head over to the Carowinds Winterfest. You are headed South on S. Elizabeth Lane approaching the light at East Black St.

S. Elizabeth Lane & East Black St. in Rock Hill, South Carolina

You slow down but when you are about two car lengths away the light turns green. You see nothing coming on Black Street, and the SUV that has been stopped at the light facing North on S. Elizabeth Lane does not have a blinker on and is just sitting there so you change gears and start to throttle up. All of a sudden that SUV turns left right in front of you. Nothing you can do, you hit front and back breaks and plow into the passenger side of the SUV. Biker down. 
The most dangerous location for a biker in Rock Hill, or anywhere, is an intersection and the most frequent cause for biker collision is a car turning left in front of him or her. Your most likely injury in this case is foot and leg followed by head and neck injuries.

How do you avoid these collisions:

  1. Pray,
  2. make sure you have a lot of extra lights on your bike & a bright colored bike,
  3. if traffic faces you go extra slow into the intersection and be prepared to stop quickly,
  4. you can weave a little in your lane as you approach the intersection, honk your horn or rev your engine to attract attention to yourself 

What do yo do if you are in such a collision:

  1. check yourself for injury and don’t move your neck and head if ANY concern for injury
  2. if you are able make sure you are not going to get hit by someone else
  3. get any witness names & numbers
  4. make sure the police are called and get the facts correct
  5. get medically checked out
  6. call an experienced motorcycle injury law firm like The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor in Rock Hill, SC

Be safe and stay vertical,-Jason Taylor

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