Class Actions – What Good Are They?

One of the questions I get asked frequently when the discussion of class action lawsuits come up is “What good are they?” Class action lawsuits are a necessary—even essential—part of litigation to hold the powerful accountable.

Pitfalls to be Aware of with Customizable Auto Insurance

Lately, I can’t watch television without seeing an advertisement for auto insurance that talks about customizable auto insurance.  The sales pitch is that you only pay for the insurance you need.  In fact, for some insurance companies, that seems to be the focus of their entire marketing campaign.  However, there’s one big problem with this – how does the average person know what they really need?

Dash Cams – Could save you big time!

Dash cam is short for dashboard camera.  It is a video camera that you install in your car that records while you are driving.  Last year I wrote an article in support of the dash cam.  Here we are a year later and I would contend it is even more important now than it was a year ago.  Per the website, Charlotte, North Carolina had the highest percentage of vehicle accidents in all of North Carolina for 2018 and 2019 for cities with over 10,000 people and has been in the top five since at least 2016.  Not something to brag about.  Hickory, North Carolina is on an upward trajectory in terms of improvement, but still has been in the top 20 for the past four years.   According to NCDOT.GOV, the fatality rate for traffic accidents in North Carolina in 2020 is higher than 2019, despite being fewer overall accidents.  These statistics highlight the importance of dash cams, especially in North Carolina where we still have a law called contributory negligence.


I have always enjoyed voting on election day. It always makes me feel like I am an active participant in whatever happens that day after the polls close. Sometimes my preferred candidate won and sometimes they did not, but it was always exciting to cast my vote at some point during the day and then to go home that evening and watch the results.

The Truth About Qualified Immunity

If you follow the news these days, chances are that you’ve heard about a contentious debate regarding immunity. In 2020, this has come up often in the context of immunity for law enforcement officers in the wake of allegations of police brutality. This is usually described as a “controversial” topic. However, it is my belief that if average citizens looked at this closer, there would be overwhelming support for doing away with or severely limiting immunity for law enforcement.

Congratulations to our attorney Robyn Buckley for her Acceptance into ABOTA!

The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, PC would like to congratulate Robyn M. Buckley for her nomination and acceptance in the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA). ABOTA is a national organization for trial attorneys on both sides of the “v,” meaning it is comprised of both Plaintiff and Defense attorneys. Candidates for consideration must be nominated by a fellow ABOTA member who feels that the individual meets the professional and ethical criteria set by the members, be in good standing with their respective State Bar, and have completed at least ten jury trials as lead counsel all the way through to verdict. Once nominated, the candidate must still be voted on and approved by the local State chapter as well as the National Board Members of ABOTA at an annual board meeting. Jason Taylor was honored to sponsor Robyn for inclusion in this wonderful organization as ABOTA is dedicated to the preservation of the Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution, which is an individual’s right to a trial by jury.

COVID-19 & Workers’ Compensation

The world of work in the United States, indeed the world, has been rocked by the emergence of COVID-19. Businesses shut down; employees let go, working reduced hours, or working remotely. For those who have still worked as they did before the COVID-19 pandemic arose, comes the added specter of contracting the Coronavirus from exposure at work.

When The Police Go Too Far

The whole country is rightfully concerned about the death of George Floyd while he was being arrested by the police. The video of Mr. Floyd begging for his life while being choked by kneeling Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is absolutely sickening. We at the Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor want to add our voices to say what happened to Mr. Floyd is wrong, and that reforms are badly needed in the way that the police use force. The sad part is there could be a George Floyd every day somewhere in America.