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The employer seems to hold all of the power in an employee-employer relationship. When things go wrong, you have the power to make it right. Employers decide how much their workers get paid, how many hours and when they work, and various other decisions. It isn’t uncommon for an employer to take advantage of this power and abuse a position of authority.

If an employer or job conditions have violated your rights, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a Charlotte employment attorney today. An employment attorney can help you with the representation that you need.

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What Does a Charlotte Employment Attorney Do?

A workplace attorney takes your workplace violations and helps you get the rights you deserve. This area of practice focuses on the relationship between employees and their employers. Some of the areas an employment attorney focuses on include harassment, discrimination, and compensation. Labor laws protect workers by ensuring fair pay, legal rest periods, and preventing discrimination. If your employer has violated these rights, you have the right to file a claim against your employer.

Some lawyers represent employers, so your case has to be solid. You must prove that your employer mistreated you. Luckily, North Carolina employment laws can protect you in certain cases. An employment law attorney can represent you.

What Types of Cases Does a Charlotte Employment Attorney Handle?

Experienced employment attorneys have the knowledge and skill needed to handle cases in the following practice areas:

  • Discrimination claims: Discrimination has been a significant problem in the U.S. workplace for years. Workers may be treated differently than their co-workers due to gender, race, nationality, age, ethnicity, disability, or religion. This discrimination may cause you to get denied a job, certain workplace benefits, and pay raises or promotions. Workplace discrimination is illegal. Nobody deserves to be treated differently due to their individual characteristics. If you’ve experienced discrimination in the workplace, reach out to an employment attorney to discuss your options.
  • Severance negotiations: No one wants to get laid off or fired. An unexpected job loss can cause stress to the employee and an entire family due to a lack of income or benefits. Sometimes, an employer offers a terminated employee a severance package. While this offering may seem generous at the time, it’s wise to discuss your severance with an attorney. A lawyer will better understand the language used and explain it in a way that you can understand. If your terms are unacceptable, an employment attorney can help you negotiate a fair severance package.
  • Hour and wage claims: If you’re experiencing problems with your paycheck, an employment attorney can help. Workers have the right to be paid correctly for work performed. Each day, employers may not pay employees in the Charlotte area for hours these individuals work from home or employees may find they’re forced to work while not on the clock. Some employees may be salaried and forced to work overtime without being compensated for their time. You may be eligible to file a claim if you are an independent contractor and denied the wages and benefits you deserve.
  • Sexual harassment: Sexual harassment is a serious problem that some people face in the workplace. It affects both men and women and can make coming to work miserable. Some employers may fail to take the responsibility and actions needed to stop the harassment. This failure leaves the victims subject to harassment. Sexual harassment ranges from demanding sex to get a pay raise, exposure to dirty jokes, sexual comments, nude photos, or any explicitly offensive behavior in the workplace.

What Are Some Reasons to Sue Your Employer in Charlotte?

Employees can sue their employer for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Employment disputes.
  • Hostile work environment.
  • Minimum wage and hour issues.
  • National origin discrimination.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Unreasonable efforts to maintain trade secrets.
  • Violation of employment contracts.
  • Wage and hour discrepancies.
  • Wrongful termination.

If you’ve been a victim of employment discrimination due to any of these reasons or more, a Charlotte employment attorney can help you.

What Are My Rights in Employment Disputes?

Rights for employees follow federal employment laws. Employees have a right to the following:

  • Receive reasonable accommodations due to religious beliefs or medical conditions.
  • Have any medical or genetic information shared with an employer remain confidential.
  • Qualify for equal pay for men and women in the same workplace. While the job itself need not be the same, an employee should receive substantially equal compensation for the job.
  • Not be harassed for sexual orientation, gender identity, or pregnancy.
  • Not be discriminated against because of religion, race, color, national origin, or age.
  • Not be discriminated against because of a preexisting health condition or family medical history.
  • Not be punished for reporting harassment or discrimination or filing a lawsuit.

Has your employer failed to meet your rights as an employee? Contact an employment lawyer in Charlotte as soon as possible. Your business may also have rights or responsibilities outlined in a contract, which an attorney should review. You don’t have to fight alone. An employment attorney will be there for you to ensure your rights are protected and any violations of these rights get brought to attention.

What Legal Outcomes Can I Expect in Employment Discrimination Cases?

When discrimination occurs in a workplace, the goal is to ensure that the victim is in the same or nearly the same position as if the discrimination never happened. The type of relief will vary depending on the act of discrimination that took place. It will also depend on the length of time the discrimination has occurred and its effect on the victim. If you didn’t receive a job you were qualified for based on prejudice, you may be entitled to job placement, back pay, and benefits you would have received if initially hired.

Remedies for discrimination may also include punitive and compensatory damages. These legal outcomes typically involve discrimination based on sex, religion, disability, race, color, genetic information, or national origin. These damages pay for expenses caused by the act of discrimination and mental anguish as well as inconvenience.

How Much Does an Employment Attorney Cost in Charlotte?

No one answer fits all when it comes to employment attorney costs in Charlotte. While prices may vary from case to case, many employment attorneys offer a free consultation. When you set up your initial consultation, you will discuss the violations or harassment you’ve experienced at your job. Employment attorneys will let you know how they can help. Choosing an attorney requires a careful decision, and you need to find one you’re comfortable with to represent you.

Employment attorneys often charge one of three ways.

  • Contingency fee: You pay a contingency fee only when you win your case. This fee usually ranges from 15% to 30% of your compensation package.
  • Flat fees: You will pay a set amount no matter the outcome or how long it takes to get the decision for your case.
  • Hourly fees: An employment attorney charges you by the hour for paperwork, phone calls, and representing you in court.

When Should You Consult an Employment Attorney in Charlotte?

If you’re involved in a dispute with an employer, contact an employment lawyer as soon as possible. Your employer likely has resources available and has more experience in employment-related matters. A Charlotte, North Carolina, lawyer may be vital in getting the outcome you desire. Consider consulting one as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of your case being successful.

Contact Our Employment Attorneys in Charlotte, NC.

At The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C., we’re skilled in the area of employment law. We dedicate ourselves to helping employees who have received unfair employment discrimination at their jobs in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our law firm has experience with the laws and regulations surrounding employee rights and the consequences for the employers in some instances. We will fight to ensure that your employer respects your rights and hears your complaints. Don’t give up the effort to get what you deserve. Let us do the work for you to get you back to a workplace where you feel respected. Call us today to set up your free consultation.

If you’ve suffered from harassment, unfair wages or hours, or any other type of workplace issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C. today. You can visit us online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can submit a secure message to our team via our contact form. Someone will reach out to you promptly to answer any questions you may have. You can also reach a member of our Charlotte employment law attorney team by phone at 800-351-3008.

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