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After being in a motorcycle accident, you need to find an ally you can lean on for support and guidance. Unfortunately, insurance company representatives will not be true supporters, no matter how friendly they might act when interacting with you. Insurance companies want to save money by reducing the value of your claim. In fact, the title of the insurance representative who handles your claim is an ADJUSTER. Why? They “adjust” the value of your claim. That means they work to get the cost (value) of your claim down to a lesser amount than what it is worth so they can settle it. The insurance company, even your own, looks out for its own interest first. You, when you have a claim, are a cost of business they want to minimize in order to maximize profits. While your insurance company (not the at fault party’s insurance company) does owe you a duty of good faith when dealing with you, how seriously do you think they take that responsibility? While you are seeking justice by way of a fair payment for your losses, they are seeking a pat on the back (maybe a raise or a promotion) for taking advantage of you.

At The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, our motorcycle injury lawyers in North & South Carolina are steadfast in defending and upholding the rights of injured riders. Not only do we have a comprehensive knowledge of all legalities related to motorcycle crashes and liability, but many of our team members are proud motorcyclists themselves. We take each motorcycle accident case personally, as if we are representing a close friend, for we are in many situations. It was just last year when our attorney Jason Taylor was riding one of his motorcycles down to Myrtle Beach bike week when he was hit by an SUV. Several members of our team had gone down earlier in the week and were waiting on Jason who was riding down alone after finishing up some work in the office. Fortunately, Jason Taylor knew what to do in that situation, he let his law firm handle the case, and yes, he did make it to bike week. Our team can be your tried and true ally in your time of need.

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Insurance Companies Hold Riders in a Negative Light

From the start, insurance companies do not see motorcyclists as responsible motorists. Companies tend to buy into unfair stereotypes that paint riders as reckless thrill seekers who choose to ride a motorcycle because it is “cool” and “dangerous.” As any rider can tell you, this is not the case. We are motorists just like everyone else in that we want to get from point A to point B safely, but on a motorcycle the journey is frequently more important than the destination. Most motorcycle riders have a heightened appreciation for the potential risks that a motorcyclist faces that a “box” driver never thinks about or more often than not, thinks the motorcyclist doesn’t think about. A “box“ driver may say to themselves as they pass a motorcyclist “ that looks like fun but it is just too dangerous, they must be a fool to drive one of those.” What they fail to realize is that the motorcyclist knows it is dangerous, primarily because the “box” drive is not paying attention. The motorcyclist most of the time only needs the car/bus/truck driver to be as thoughtful and focused while driving as the motorcyclist is while on the road. Insurance companies play to the car driver’s stereotype. Jason Taylor often comments that when he is picking a jury in a motorcycle case he knows the other side is going to get rid of the bikers on the jury. So, before they can do that he questions them about how they ride their motorcycle versus how they drive their cars/trucks. He uses these stories to educate the jurors who don’t ride motorcycles. So in the end of the trial, when the actual jury is non-bikers, Jason reminds them of what the folks who had sat next them had said and that is why they are no longer on the jury. The defense doesn’t want you to think like a biker, because eif you did, you would know what happened and who is at fault. The insurance wants to write an insurance policy but they don’t want you to use it. They don’t want to pay a claim and they fight you over everything from depreciation of your bike to the severity and value of the injuries you suffered.

Our North Carolina & South Carolina motorcycle accident attorneys work fast to dismantle any insurance company objections that are rooted in stereotypical ideas of a motorcyclist. Using our own personal experiences, we can anticipate what they will say or do, and what needs to be done in response.

Motorcycle Insurance in North Carolina & South Carolina

Everyone who wants to legally operate a motor vehicle in North Carolina & South Carolina needs to purchase and keep active liability insurance that meets minimum requirements. For your benefit, but more than minimal coverage for Uninsured and underinsured/liability coverage.

If you get hit by another motorist while riding your motorcycle, then you should be able to reasonably expect to be covered for at least these minimum amounts. You know you are running into a serious insurance issue when they want to give you a lesser amount that does not cover all of your damages. A commonplace insurance company tactic is lowballing coverage or settlement amounts, knowing it is not enough or justified, and hoping the policyholder or injured party accepts it without double-checking. Do not let this happen to you.

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No one takes your insurance issues more seriously than our North Carolina & South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyers & staff. As riders ourselves, we know what is at stake and will put forth every effort to collect every penny you deserve. Equip your case with 100+ years of collective legal experience by contacting us online and scheduling a free initial consultation today.

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