Cruiser Motorcycle Accident


Cruiser Motorcycle Accident

If you have sustained injuries in a cruiser motorcycle accident, we can provide all of the various legal assistance you need. We employ retired police investigators on staff to investigate your case thoroughly. Our team evaluates property damage and negotiates on your behalf, and we handle your loss of use claim. Our firm reviews your medical records and makes sure they adequately address your injures. Each client has regular contact with an assigned case manager.

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At The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, we personally handle the legal aspects of each case. Whether your case is settled, mediated, or tried to a jury, our North Carolina and South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyers have the experience necessary to represent you. We dedicate ourselves to meeting clients’ needs, investigating your incident, and discussing your options for seeking compensation.

This case manager serves as your advocate and ensures your case and treatment are progressing correctly. They also ensure your lawyer quickly addresses any questions or issues regarding your matter. Each case manager also has a legal assistant focused on getting in all of your medical records and billing and bill balance checking etc., so your case moves quickly and efficiently.

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What You Should Know About Cruiser Motorcycle Accidents

Whether you own a Ducati, Honda, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, or another cruiser bike, your likelihood of being injured or dying in a crash remains the same. In 2015 alone, more than 88,000 motorcyclists were injured, and nearly 5,000 died. While motorcycles provide a sense of freedom, the limited protection increases your risk of serious injury. While cars have gotten better at protecting their drivers with airbags and various sensors, cell phones, emails, texts, and other gadgets and forms of communication have made those car drivers more dangerous for our motorcycle riders.

Common causes for motorcycle accidents include:

  • Vehicles turning left
  • Lane splitting
  • Speeding
  • Road hazards
  • Left-turning
  • Inattention

Vehicles in intersections account for more than 40% of all collisions involving cars and motorcycles. If you try to pass the car or drive through the intersection, the driver of the turning vehicle may not see you in time. Especially at night, drivers can have a difficult time judging the distance between you and the intersection. While North Carolina requires you to burn your headlight at all times, we encourage you to burn any auxiliary lights and be aware of weather conditions that may affect a driver’s ability to see you.

In 2019 Jason Taylor was driving his motorcycle from Hickory, NC, to Myrtle Beach, SC, for bike week when a car struck him from behind. They had been in a line of vehicles stopped at a light. The light turned green, but the cars ahead had not yet moved. The defendant driver seeing the light, started to go and struck the rear of Jason’s motorcycle, sending him up and over, injuring his back, and sending the bike forward with damaged luggage, lights, etc.

There was nothing Jason could do to avoid this incident, it was daylight, and he was on his HD Ultra Classic, which had numerous lights all over it. Fortunately, he healed just fine, but the bottom line is more often than not, it is the “box” driver’s fault, and all we can try and do as riders is stay vigilant and do whatever we can to enhance our visibility.

Uncommon causes for motorcycle accidents include:

  • Wild animals
  • Domestic animals

In 2019 Jason Taylor tried a case that involved wild turkeys. The motorcyclist claimed that a car ahead had pulled over next to a mailbox on the opposite side of the road, and as he began to pass, the vehicle pulled out, causing him to take evasive action, which resulted in him laying the bike down. The motorist claimed she had not pulled over but simply driven around wild turkeys that the motorcyclist swerved to avoid. The motorcyclist acknowledged seeing turkeys but only after the crash.

The same year Jason Taylor tried a case that involved a domestic dog in the back of a truck. The dog jumped out and struck the motorcyclist on the leg/foot, causing injury. Amazingly, the female biker was not stopped but driving in the opposite direction when the dog jumped. Even with a broken foot, she managed to stop. The dog hit her leg, foot and was swept under her bike. Her years of experience riding a motorcycle enabled her to handle and survive that situation.

Cruiser motorcycle accidents, while generally not as severe as supersport wrecks, can have a long-lasting impact. Injuries include broken bones, head or brain trauma, internal injuries, paralysis, spinal cord injuries, and death. Even with a helmet, eye protection, gloves, and protective clothing, you have a high risk of injury and death if you crash. Take precautions and enjoy the ride.

Quality Representation for Motorcycle Accident Cases

At The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, our experienced North Carolina motorcycle accident attorneys can provide diligent representation as you seek compensation. In North Carolina, the statute of limitations is three years. This means you must settle your case or file a lawsuit within three years, or your claim will be forever barred.

The state of North Carolina requires motorcycle riders to carry minimum insurance limits of $25,000 for total property damage, $30,000 for accidents involving one person, and $60,000 for accidents involving more than one person. You and your passengers are also required to wear helmets, but eye protection is optional. If you have been injured in an accident, we can investigate your incident and gather evidence to build your case.

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Cruiser Motorcycle Accident
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