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Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car.” E. B. White

Car ownership is as American as apple pie and baseball. Most people can remember the elation and excitement of either buying their first car or receiving their first car as a gift. It gives you the ability to go where you want when you want (within reason). It is possible to wake up one morning in South Carolina and drive as far away as Dallas, Texas or New York City if you so desire. Disney World is a three-hour car ride away from some points in South Carolina. Atlanta is a two-hour trip from other parts. Even the farthest point in South Carolina is no more than three hours away from either the beach or mountains. Car ownership IS freedom.

The average South Carolinian drives about 12,000 miles in a year. But that also means there are a lot of opportunities for a South Carolinian to be involved in an accident. It really does not take much to cause an accident: a cell phone call, wet pavement, a split-second loss of attention, the glare of the sun, speeding, or an inexperienced teen driver. Alcohol and alcohol related crashes can cause serious injuries or even fatalities. Maybe it is a drunk driver. Maybe a bar has overserved a patron and then allowed him to drive away. A trucking company may not do the required maintenance on their trucks or the driver may not be observing the required rules regarding rest. There a lot of reasons for car accidents, and it frequently results in someone getting hurt.

The 2017 statistics from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety paint a sobering picture:

  • A traffic accident occurs in South Carolina about every 4 minutes
  • A person is injured in a South Carolina traffic accident every 9 minutes.
  • A person is killed in a South Carolina traffic accident every 9 hours.
  • A person is killed in an alcohol impaired driving related automobile accident every 28 hours.
  • A motorcyclist is killed every three days in a wreck in South Carolina.
  • A teen aged driver in South Carolina is injured or killed in an accident every 1.3 hours.
  • A child under six in South Carolina is seriously injured or killed in a car wreck every 9.4 days.

A car wreck can change a life forever with the death of a loved one or severe permanent injuries. Even a relatively minor accident can cause great disruption with loss of income from time missed at work or even a lost job because the injuries prevent you from working.

The accident is only the beginning of the ordeal. Every accident involves dealing with multiple insurance companies. Your car insurance. Their car insurance. Your health insurance. All of these companies have trained investigators, adjusters, and claim representatives with one of their goals to pay as little money as possible.

At this point, you have choices. You could attempt to negotiate with these trained insurance employees all on your own. That also means you will also have to gather all of the evidence like police reports, accident photos, photos of all of the vehicles medical reports, and photos of the accident scene all on your own. The reports and bills cost money which you may not have because you cannot work. While doing this, the insurance companies may be breathing down your neck offering money to settle or asking the amount of money for treatment. These numbers will never reflect the true actual value of your claim. The insurance company might try to wear you down in an attempt to pay you as little as possible.

Another choice is hiring the dedicated team at the Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor. At once, the phone calls from the insurance companies will stop. An investigator working for you, and not the insurance company, will start gathering all the photos and police reports from your accident. A case manager will begin helping you with gathering your medical bills, figuring out your health and car insurance coverage, and getting together a demand package to send to the insurance company. An attorney will help guide you through the negotiating process. That attorney—your attorney—will advise you on the fair value of your claim and try to negotiate with the insurance company. Sometimes insurance companies simply will not pay the fair value. If that happens, your attorney and our paralegals are prepared to litigate your claim up to and through trial. Our lawyers and paralegals work as a team that will use the litigation process to find out information about the defendant’s version of facts. A trial may be needed for several different reasons. Maybe there is a dispute between you and the defendant on the color of a traffic light, or the speed, blinkers, etc. Sometimes it takes a jury to decide who is telling the truth.

Have you or a loved one been injured in an auto accident that someone else caused? You shouldn’t have to cover medical bills, lost income, or any other damages out of your own pocket. And you shouldn’t have to face the insurance adjusters and the legal process alone either. At The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, we are ready to fight hard for your right to fair financial recovery.

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