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There is an old turn-of-phrase that states there is nothing gained from nothing shared. At The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, our attorneys and our staff could not agree more. We all try to do what we can to support our communities, local charities, and national nonprofit organizations in an effort to better the world and spread the love. If you want to know how you can help as well, please review the following list of top charities we support. You can click the name of any of them to visit that group’s own website.

Some of our favorite charities, foundations, and groups we support regularly include:

Muscular Dystrophy AssociationThe MDA is considered a leading charity organization when it comes to furthering muscular dystrophy treatment research and providing care and other services to both children and adults living with this condition. The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor makes certain to make a financial contribution to the MDA each year.

The Bikers and Needy Children FoundationWith avid motorcyclists on our team, this organization sits close to our hearts. It helps provide for injured bikers, especially those who have children that rely on them for income that may be reduced following a motorcycle accident. Whenever we represent a rider for a case, we put a portion of our attorney fees into a charity donation for this group and under the client’s name.

Susan G. KomenBreast cancer research is essentially synonymous with the Susan G. Komen foundation. Most everyone knows at least one person who has dealt with breast cancer, either as a patient or a patient’s family member. Due to the commonality of this cancer, we knew we had to help support this fantastic organization.

Shriners Hospitals for ChildrenShriners have a mission to provide no-cost medical care to children living with disabilities, allowing the parents of these children to save their income for other necessities.

Camp LUCKCongenital heart disease (CHD) is a serious health condition that affects about 1% of all newborns in the country. Camp LUCK was started by the family of one of our staff to create a fun yet medically safe environment for children with CHD.

Caldwell HospiceTrustworthy and caring hospice care can be a difficult thing to find indeed. This organization makes it easy for the people of North Carolina to find hospice care with the promise of quality service and loving attention. It helps people with both in-home care and within assisted living facilities.

Holy AngelsThis foundation has been helping individuals with mental disabilities and other cognitive issues find safe homes for decades. It was founded more than 40 years ago when most mental health problems were not taken seriously by the medical community.

Pat’s PlaceThe children of Mecklenburg County can come to Pat’s Place for the shelter of a safe haven after experiencing domestic abuse. This center is unlike many others, as it has no minimum age requirement. From birth to 18 years old, children can come here for help and care.

Safe KidsOne of the main causes of childhood fatality in the country is accidental injuries. Safe Kids is a foundation dedicated to spreading awareness and safety tips to parents and community members that work with children, like teachers and coaches.

Women’s Resource CenterMany women who go through unexpected and difficult life changes will end up with minimal to no resources to support themselves. WRC helps women overcome new challenges by providing everything from spare clothing to transportation between their home and occupation to actually teaching them new skills to ace an upcoming interview.

Pit Stops for HopeIn an effort to defeat poverty in local communities, Pit Stops for Hope pairs local racing enthusiasts with interesting and compassionate support programs. Specifically, this organization focuses on creating food banks to feed indigent children and providing classroom supplies to teachers of low income.

The Crohn’s and Colitis FoundationAs Susan G. Komen is at the forefront of breast cancer research, this organization is leading the way in Crohn’s disease research. It has been accredited with bettering countless lives of people around the country.

Habitat for HumanityAll around North Carolina, all across the country, and also in all corners of the globe, Habitat for Humanity helps construct homes for people in need. People who move into these abodes help build them, when possible, creating a true connection to the property that eases feelings of stress or anxiety that may be felt before the house is completed.

Samaritan’s PurseIn honor of the Good Samaritans of old tales, this group conducts numerous charitable functions in more than 150 countries. From disaster relief to giving presents to kids on Christmas morning, there is surely a charitable cause supported by this group that speaks to you.

Bikers Against Child AbuseNothing says protection like a strong biker. BACA is comprised of “tough bikers” with kind hearts. Whenever a child who has been harmed by an abuser needs someone to talk to them, provide moral support, or sit by their side while the abuser is near, such as during a courtroom session, BACA schedules a biker to be there for them.

Compassion InternationalThis is a ministry foundation that strives to help children escape poverty through various means, including funding educational programs. Even though it is ministry-based, it proudly advertises that it will help a child of any faith, or none at all, and never imposes the teachings of Christianity on the children.

Sipe’s OrchardLocal youths aged 17 to 21 can come to Sipe’s Orchard for sanctuary after becoming homeless. It focuses on teaching occupational skills to the youths while providing necessities, like food and shelter, so that a youth’s stay at the Orchard is hopefully only temporary.

Down Syndrome Association of Greater CharlotteA person born with Down Syndrome should not have to always feel like their condition is a burden. DSAGC is a nonprofit group that is committed to helping people living with Down Syndrome find their full potential and overcome the condition as much as possible.

Easterseals UCPAkin to the DSAGC, Easterseals UCP uses charitable programs and efforts to help those living each day with a severe physical or mental debilitation find comfort and a rewarding life. Our attorneys and staff have seen firsthand how this group can turn people’s lives around.

Food banks: Each Friday, we organize more donations to local food banks. Staff members can dress casually if they bring in canned food or a monetary donation. It is a fun and easy way to spread this group’s cause and awareness to clients who come in and ask why we are not in our usual suits.

Would you like to know more about the charities we support? Do you need our help with a personal injury claim in Hickory? We help clients throughout both North and South Carolina with a variety of claims. Contact us online to learn more about our services, or to ask about how you can help your community through volunteer work or donations.



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