Steps to Take After You’re in a Construction Accident

Construction work is one of the most dangerous jobs.

It is inherently hazardous with a higher risk of injury than other industries. Research shows that nearly 80,000 construction workers annually suffer from work-related injuries, which are severe enough to make them miss work. Since the risk of injury is high for the construction industry, the contractor must provide construction workers with a safe work environment.

In addition to this, workers should be provided with proper safety gear and equipment to lower the risk of accidents. In most cases, construction injuries are covered under workers’ compensation laws. But sometimes, an injured construction worker may have to file a personal injury lawsuit to get compensated.

Regardless of your particular situation, if you have been in a construction accident, then here are specific steps that you should take to pursue fair compensation.

Step# 1—Seek Medical Help

As soon as you are injured, you should seek medical aid right away. It should be your top priority, even if the injuries appear minor. This is because sometimes you may not experience the symptoms of serious injuries right away, until days or hours after the accident occurred.

Besides this, if you get your injuries treated promptly, you can set on the road to recovery faster and resume work.

In some situations, it may be challenging, especially if you’re stuck in the rubble, heavy equipment, or debris. This is when you should try to breathe and shout out for help. Once rescued, make sure to seek treatment.

Step# 2—Report about Your Injuries to Your Employer/Supervisor

The next step is to notify your supervisor/employer in writing, preferably within 30 days of the injury. When doing so, make sure to document every crucial detail about the construction site accident. This includes answers to the questions like:

  • Where did the accident occur?
  • How did it happen?
  • When did it take place?

Furthermore, prompt reporting of a construction accident is vital for many reasons, such as:

  • It will accelerate the workers’ compensation claim process and avoid unnecessary delays.
  • It will make your claim appear more valid to the employer, the insurer, and the court.
  • It serves as invaluable evidence if a dispute arises.

Step# 3—Collect Information

Beginning while you wait for the medical help to arrive, if you’re in a position to move, it is advisable to gather as much information as possible about the case to pursue prompt and fair compensation. This includes:

  • Collect the contact details of the witnesses (if there were any). Witnesses can play a pivotal role as their sworn testimony in legal cases is considered evidence in a court of law. Therefore, collect the
  • Contact details and names of the people such as coworkers, bystanders, or any other witnesses who were present with you when the accident occurred.
  • Take photos of the accident scene and equipment to show if the employer failed to provide safety measures. Also, make sure to take pictures of any damage that you experienced as a result of the accident, such as a torn shirt, cracked headgear, or a bruised arm.
  • Keep track of all your medical records. You should track them accurately and keep all the information with you regarding medical expenses incurred so that you can justify the claim amount.
  • Create a folder of all the correspondence with your employer/supervisor. You should also take notes of any communications with them on calls or conversations in person.

It is essential to understand that many construction accidents eventually end up with legal battles and lawsuits; thus, all this information can prove crucial in justifying your claim.

Step# 4—Report to OSHA

Some construction accidents are more severe and can cause injuries to more than one person or lead to fatalities. Employers must report certain types of accidents to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), such as an accident that results in the death or hospitalization of an employee.

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Step# 5—Hire an Experienced Lawyer in North Carolina and South Carolina

In the event of a severe construction accident where you are unable to work and confined to bed rest, it can result in pain and suffering, financial hardships, and frustrations. Although workers’ compensation can cover your treatment cost, medical bills and even pay a part of your salary for a specified amount of time, you should act fast to protect your claim.

This is when it is important to hire legal help. With an experienced lawyer for case representation, you can focus on your recovery while taking care of your case. Your attorney can handle every aspect of your case from start to finish to help you through what you need to get your workers’ compensation claim processed. Moreover, they can advise you and help to negotiate with the insurance company to pursue a fair settlement. This is where we come into the picture.

At the Law Office of Jason E. Taylor P.C., we are dedicated to helping our clients pursue fair and full compensation. Our experienced lawyer in North Carolina can handle every aspect of your case, from investigation to evidence collection, paperwork, case filing, and negotiation with the insurance company. Our goal is to help you get the compensation you deserve to get the best medical treatment and move forward in life with complete financial independence.

If the insurance company fails to offer a fair settlement, we can take the case to court for trial. We fight for our clients to be fairly compensated.

For more information or case assistance, contact us today. Let us help protect your rights and fight for you to receive justice.


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