How I Became A Successful Personal Injury Attorney

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If you have been injured in a motorcycle or car collision, or perhaps you lost a friend or family member in one of these horrible accidents, you want your lawyer to give 110% in the fight for you or your loved one. Thinking about some of the battles we have fought for our clients, reminds me of where some of the most important work is done, early and out of the box.

Some examples of going above and beyond

In one motorcycle wrongful death case against a trucking company, it was boots on the ground.

In that case, our client went down in a spill by the trucking company and was hit and killed by another motorist. The truck did not stop after its spill.

The morning after we were contacted, we had lawyers and investigators knocking on doors in surrounding neighborhoods. We learned of people who were there moments before, during, and after. We were able to get receipts from a birthday cake bought 1 mile away minutes before, and text messages, etc., which we used to prove a timeline of events.

Another case in Boone NC involving a motorcyclist who suffered catastrophic injuries, was very troubling. Our client could not remember what happened and there were mixed stories from various potential witnesses.

Ultimately, we ran ads in the local paper and on billboards trying to find any witnesses. We finally offered a reward for any information leading to a credible witness. We hired a retired FBI agent to investigate the leads. Ultimately none panned out.

Fortunately, we had taken extensive pictures of the road and our client’s motorcycle and we hired an accident re-constructionist who was able to put together the pieces of what likely happened.

The evidence is there if you look

We had another case with a severely injured motorcyclist and his passenger who was killed. We had an argument/issue over liability. The defendant’s insurance carrier suggested that the terrain and our deceased client’s spouse contributed to the accident.

We hired surveyors and surveyed the intersection and with that built a digital exact computer model of the area and proved the defense was wrong.

In another motorcycle versus a van case, we hired retired FBI agents and did surveillance on the defendant three states away to determine his affiliation with a particular organization.

In a medical malpractice case, we found a doctor who had worked with the doctor we were suing, and we contacted him in Virginia. He said he was forced to sign off on surgical records where he had not been in the surgery nor had he seen any of the patients.

I was on a plane the next day and with a court reporter, I got his sworn testimony showing the deceit and corruption, not just the negligence of the doctor we were suing.

In an unfair and deceptive trade practice case against a car repair dealership, they hired an out-of-state expert who worked for a trial expert company. This defense expert had been in the auto industry for decades. We scoured the country for any of his prior testimony, school records, etc. When I was cross-examining him, he was caught in several lies with just a few of my first questions. The judge then called for a recess and warned the “expert” and the defense lawyer that if he lied again “they” would be in significant trouble with the court. The jury understood who was right and we had one of the largest verdicts for that type of case in the state.

Giving your all (110%) to your client and their case means doing it early in the case and throughout the case.

We have different methods

We “focus group” almost every case before trial. That means we invest our time and our money to put on “round tables” and “mock trials” to see how people (potential jurors) respond to the facts and the way those facts are presented.

Based on the feedback we get from those participants we are better able to craft our arguments in a way that is more likely to help our clients.

We have the best job in the world, we fight insurance companies and other wrongdoers for our injured clients.  Seriously, who would not want to give 110% when you have the best job in the world? I became a successful personal injury attorney by giving 100% all day every day.

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