Progressive Auto Insurance Claims in Concord, NC

Progressive Auto Insurance Claims in Concord, NC

You’re riding down Poplar Tent Rd on your way to work when suddenly, another vehicle cuts you off and causes an accident. You’ve been injured in the crash. You know you need to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, but you’re unsure what to do next or how to handle the situation. This is a common scenario, and it’s one that many people find themselves in every day. However, you don’t have to worry about handling the claim yourself. 

At The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, we can help you with your auto insurance claim. We’ll help you understand the claims process and help you gather the information you need to prove your claim. 

Dealing With Progressive After an Accident in Concord, NC

Life is hard enough when everything is going along fine.  Life gets much harder when you add an unexpected auto accident with expensive medical bills and lost wages from not being able to work.  If that is not enough to deal with, then try adding a difficult insurance company into the mix.  

Progressive is currently ranked as the third largest auto insurance company in the United States with over 13 million policies and 35,000 employees.  While their commercials might be entertaining, they might not be quite as fun and free wheeling to deal with when you need to make a claim with Progressive.  

If you’ve been in a car accident in Concord and the driver has Progressive insurance, then you have the right to expect a fair settlement.  An attorney can assist you in avoiding the pitfalls along the way and maximizing the recovery you make for your injuries and damages.  At The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, we will provide the representation you need to help you get the maximum compensation that you deserve. 

What Progressive Insurance Adjusters Want From You

Once an accident is reported, an insurance adjuster will be assigned to your claim.  The insurance adjuster’s job is to gather as much information about the accident, damages, and injuries as possible to determine who was at fault and how much Progressive should pay for your claim.  

Recorded Statements

One of the things that a Progressive adjuster might ask you to do is to give a recorded statement.  An adjuster may suggest that a recorded statement is just a routine request to find out more details about the accident and your injuries.  However, statements that are made may be out of context or the question may not be fully understood by the claimant.  When this happens, the recorded statement may be used by Progressive to deny all or a portion of your claim.  

If you are thinking about giving a recorded statement to an insurance company, then you should first consider talking with an attorney so that the attorney can explain the process and help you understand the questions that are asked of you.     

Medical Release Authorization

An adjuster may ask you to give them the authority to request your medical records.  While the records relating to your injuries following the auto accident would seem to be relevant, your other medical records are really none of the adjuster’s business and you have the right to protect unrelated medical records from unnecessary disclosure.  

Insurance adjusters regularly use access to a claimant’s medical records to gain knowledge about other health conditions that might give the insurance company a reason to reduce the amount that is paid out for your injuries.  They may suggest that an injury 20 years prior may be the true culprit even though you were having no problems before this wreck.  

If an insurance adjuster asks you to sign a medical release authorization, you should first discuss the matter with your Concord car accident lawyer.  When you hire an attorney, your attorney will gather your medical records and provide the relevant records to the insurance adjuster for their review and consideration of your claim.

Contact a Concord Car Accident Lawyer Before Working With Progressive For Your Injury Claim

If you have been injured in a car accident and need help with your claim, the best thing to do is contact The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor. You may not understand how the insurance process works or what your rights are when it comes to filing an injury claim. A Concord car accident lawyer at our firm can help walk you through the steps of receiving compensation for your injuries and medical bills.

We will protect your rights and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case, so contact us today.

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