5 Essential Motorcycle Safety Tips

For the most part, motorists drive defensively to avoid accidents with other passenger vehicles and trucks. However, many times, motorcycles aren’t even on their radar. This is one of the leading causes of accidents between cars and motorcycles.

Motorcycles are the most susceptible to severe and even fatal injuries. With this in mind, drivers should always be actively looking for all sorts of vehicles on the road, including motorcycles.

Additionally, there are ways that motorcyclists can help keep themselves safe by increasing their visibility to drivers who aren’t necessarily looking for them.

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Wear high-visibility reflective clothing

Motorcycles are typically smaller than standard vehicles, and riders can take up just as much space as the bike itself. To increase the chance for drivers to notice them on the road, motorcyclists can wear high-visibility and reflective clothing. This could include clothing that catches the light or is a very bright color and easy to spot, such as neon yellow or orange.

Utilize reflective tape and decals

Motorcycles have a narrower profile than average vehicles, making them easier to miss for drivers who are not paying attention. Reflective tape and decals can be put on your helmet or bike to combat this issue and add extra style to your bike and motorcycle gear. While they don’t do too much during the day, they can let drivers know you’re near them during the night by catching the light and reflecting into drivers’ views.

Add auxiliary lights

It’s pretty simple to understand, but adding extra lights can increase your visibility to drivers. Especially along dimly-lit highways at night, these will help drivers see you farther and in their blind spots.

Tap your brake light when stopping

It’s easier to spot something that is moving or blinking than something that is statically lit. When you’re coming to a stop, tap your brake a few extra times so that you are more visible and drivers can tell for sure that you have the intention of stopping.

Use hand signals when needed

It may seem obvious, but hand signals can help drivers notice you and distinguish you as a motorcycle rider. As mentioned above, moving objects tend to catch the eye faster. The use of hand signals will communicate your moves to cars around you while increasing your visibility on your motorcycle.

Unfortunately, even the safest motorcycle riders who take extra precautionary measures can still be victims of motorcycle accidents. If you’ve been injured due to a negligent driver, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who will fight for your just compensation.

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