Why Loud Motorcycle Pipes Are Good to Have

If you have ever ridden a motorcycle, chances are you’ve heard the phrase “loud pipes save lives.” If not, you might have heard a motorcyclist say it in defense of their loud exhaust pipes. So, is this statement true?

Well, in fact, this statement does hold truth.

Attentive Driving is More Than Looking

Depending on who you ask, you may receive a different answer. Some may say that the noise is unnecessary, and those people are usually drivers who don’t or have never ridden a motorcycle.

However, motorcyclists are the ones that know the dangers they face everytime they ride due to drivers not noticing them or paying attention to their surroundings.

Being an attentive driver also means more than just “looking.” Your sense of hearing is one of your greatest assets when driving defensively. Think about how many times you first notice an ambulance by hearing sirens. The same goes for motorcycles with loud exhaust pipes: they really do help gain the attention of unaware drivers and prevent potential motorcycle accidents.

There are other ways for motorcyclists to be noticed, but the fact remains that sometimes drivers are not visually paying attention to their surroundings, and certainly not consistently and actively looking for motorcycles on the road.

Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Some drivers may not like it, but safety should always trump irritability. A dislike for a loud noise is not a case for driving recklessly or negligently. Motorcyclists are the most at risk for injuries on the road, and drivers should always be cautious when it comes to speeding, lane changes, or other driving maneuvers.

If you’ve been injured to do a negligent driver, don’t hesitate to contact our firm. Our experienced motorcycle accident attorney is a fellow motorcycle rider who will help you seek compensation while protecting your right to ride.

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