When do you need an attorney for a motorcycle accident in or around Greenville – Pitt County, NC?

Intro: If you have been injured in the Greenville, Pitt County, or surrounding area while riding your motorcycle, you might be wondering when you need to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer? Read on to answer not only when, but why?

Let’s say the charity ride you did has ended, and you stopped off at Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery taproom on W. Pine St. in Farmville for a beer (Amber Ale) with friends. Afterward, you leave on your HD Road King headed back home to Greenville. Next thing you know, a young lady runs a red light in her VW bug and plows right into the fairing, front wheel, and forks. Your bike goes down, and you go over the hood of that little bug, thank goodness, and do the Knievel role on the other side on the pavement. You have a severe case of road rash and bruising bleeding, but you are otherwise okay. Lucky. EMS comes to the scene, and you look like something out of the “Walking Dead,” so they take you to Vidant Medical Center. Later you follow up with your family doctor and your favorite chiropractor, Wirth Chiropractic, on Arlington Blvd.

So, when do you consult with an experienced injury lawyer? The best time is sometime between looking like the “Walking Dead” and getting home from the hospital. Absolutely before you talk with an insurance adjuster, even your own insurance adjuster whose bill (premium) you pay each year. Why? Well, you have two issues to resolve one is liability, and the second is damages. By that I mean, who is at fault and what is it worth. The adjusters in Greenville, NC want to conclude both parties are at fault. Why? Well, then you have contributory negligence, and neither has to pay out any liability coverage. They only have to pay collision coverage on the vehicle if the policy has collision coverage, and they get to then up the premium cost. Maybe they have to pay some medical payments provision if it is on the policy, but again small potatoes compared to paying liability for injuries and property damage. They saved money and increased your cost. If they cannot argue liability, then they will work on reducing the value of your injuries. An experienced injury lawyer will do the investigation to prove liability, and they will protect the value of your injury claim by making sure the medical care you need is gotten and the doctors note in your records causation. Also, the lawyer may find additional coverage and negotiate your medical expenses down to increase what you can put in your pocket. Statutes 44-49 and 44-50 are designed to help you hold onto money, but they actually only apply if you have a lawyer, read them.

If you have been injured and want a free consultation with an experienced injury law firm in or around Greenville, NC, give the Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor a call today.



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