When do you need a Greenville attorney if you have been hit by a commercial truck?

Suppose you are out and about in Greenville, NC, and you get hit by a commercial truck. You might think you don’t need a lawyer, or maybe you can wait until your medical treatment is complete before hiring a lawyer. Read on to know why you need to think about hiring an experienced injury lawyer as quickly as possible.

Let’s just say you just left B’s Barbeque on Bs Barbeque Rd. and W. 5th street, and you are on your way to Clark-LeClair stadium. You are driving your Ford escape when an eighteen-wheeler runs a stoplight and sends you into a full-on spin. You think you’re toast. Fortunately, you survive, but you have many injuries, including a broken femur, fractured ribs, broken pelvis, fractured jaw, broken collar bone, and a serious traumatic brain injury. Obviously, you are not in a position to be dealing with your case. You are focused on recovering from your injuries and your loved ones need and want to focus on your health as well.

You need an experienced injury lawyer to investigate the truck driver and his history of driving and otherwise. The injury lawyer will also need to investigate the truck owner, the trailer, any leasing companies, the cargo owner, and the cargo packer. There may be multiple liable parties for the collision. State and Federal law will apply. These are complicated cases that require experienced trucking injury lawyers to handle. You need this information sooner rather than later so claims can be made and the facts hunted down before they disappear. The good news is there are likely (not guaranteed but likely) several policies of insurance that may be liable in your case, but the work needs to be done to find them, and the facts that make them liable needs to be preserved.

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