What to do after a motorcycle wreck in Charlotte, NC

Motorcycle Accident

If you ride your motorcycle in or around Charlotte, there is a chance you might end up having a wreck. It is essential to know what to do if that happens, read on, and see what I did in one case.

My wife and I are foodies and enjoy riding down to Charlotte for a Sunday brunch on the motorcycle. We live in Catawba County, and the ride down to 300 East on East Blvd., or The Asbury on North Tryon or even Tupelo Honey is always a fun adventure, except when an accident occurs.

Once, when riding with friends to brunch, we rounded a curve, and I looked back and noticed we were short a bike. One in our small group, and somewhat of a novice, had their front tire go off the road, and it caused her to go down. We quickly turned around and found her on the edge of the road complaining of knee pain.

We immediately stabilized her leg and moved her and her bike away from the road. We called for an ambulance which came and took her to the hospital, and I rode home and got a truck and trailer to take care of her motorcycle. Fortunately, she was not hurt worse, but she did require surgery on her knee. This crash involved no other vehicles, which unfortunately can happen on a motorcycle. The list of things to do include (1) stabilize any injuries, (2) get to a safe location, and (3) call for professional help.

If this had involved another vehicle, a situation involving another person, police would have been necessary to investigate and document the accident. If it had a liability component, which this did not, an experienced personal injury lawyer would have needed to investigate further and fight with the insurance company. Since this lady is both a friend and a former client, I like to think she would have called me 🙂 if a lawyer was necessary. Fortunately, I was there and able to help as a friend. If you or a loved one were injured due to someone else’s negligence in Charlotte, call on our motorcycle accident lawyers to help fight for what you deserve.

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