New Study Shows Columbia Drivers Are Among the Fastest in the Country

According to a new study, two of South Carolina’s cities have some of the fastest drivers in the country. Both Columbia and Greenville, SC ranked among the country’s top 25 fastest driving cities.

The new study was conducted by the online insurance comparison marketplace QuoteWizard. Using self-reported data from users regarding driving infractions, QuoteWizard was able to rank which cities in the United States have drivers who tend to speed the most. The rankings for the study were based on more than one million data points for speeding infractions from 2017.

Below, we list the top 25 fastest driving cities in America:

    1. Wichita
    2. Omaha
    3. Boise
    4. Portland
    5. Richmond
    6. Columbia, SC
    7. Salt Lake City
    8. Minneapolis
    9. Charleston
    10. Virginia Beach
    11. Greenville, SC
    12. Charlotte
    13. Durham
    14. Columbus
    15. Kansas City
    16. Bay Area
    17. Riverside
    18. Seattle
    19. Greensboro
    20. Fresno
    21. Cleveland
    22. Sacramento
    23. Bakersfield
    24. Austin
    25. Denver

Dangers of Speeding

In the last 20 years, high-speed driving has contributed to about one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities. In just 2016 alone, more than 27% of all fatal crashes involved a vehicle that was speeding. It is essential to use caution when driving and to adhere to all posted speed limits.

Speeding can also increase your chances of being involved in a serious accident during bad weather or when you are driving in low-lit areas. Remember, speeding endangers the lives of everyone on the road, which is why it is essential to drive at a safe speed the next time you get behind the wheel.

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