Mistakes that Can Affect Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

Motorcycle accidents can be life-changing and sometimes even life-ending.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 80% of the accidents that involve motorcycles result in injury or death for the rider or passenger. The whole incident leaves riders overwhelmed, confused, and scared, and thus, they may make specific errors that affect their claim outcome.

In today’s post, our seasoned auto accident lawyer in North Carolina will highlight some of the biggest mistakes victims sometimes make that might lower their chances of getting compensated fairly.

Mistake#1—Not Getting or Delaying Medical Care

Due to the adrenaline rush (a hormone that acts as a pain blocker), it’s often difficult for victims in a motorcycle crash to gauge the severity of their injuries immediately, especially the internal ones.

They become apparent after hours or days. Delaying or not getting medical care right away gives the insurance company the upper hand. They may deny your claim altogether, stating that the injuries reported later could be due to another accident. Besides this, if you don’t seek immediate medical aid, you can be at risk of traumatic brain injury and permanent disability.

Hence, it is advisable to visit the doctor right away and get a proper diagnosis done. The doctor will conduct a proper checkup to determine all possible injuries—internally and externally. Also, the doctor will create a record of your medical injuries and condition after the crash, which will further make it easier for you to show that your injuries were caused by the collision that occurred due to the negligence of the at-fault party.

Mistake#2—Admitting Fault or Saying Too Much at the Accident Scene

Since being in a horrible accident and surviving it may seem no less than a miracle, sometimes victims get carried away due to feelings of vulnerability or panic. In the emotional turmoil, they may end up saying more than they should and anything that comes to mind. And anything that you say moments after the accident might be used against you by the insurer. Apart from that, understand that insurers may be concerned about lowering their liability claim. Insurance adjusters may look for verbiage that can reduce the victim’s claim. They might ask victims leading questions.

Also, sometimes victims are willing to admit to fault and apologize to smooth things over—even if they are not at fault. All of this can impact your claim. Therefore, it is recommended to remain calm and say as little as possible after the accident. Politely tell the insurer to talk to your attorney.

Mistake#3—Posting on Social Media

Posting anything about the accident on social media is a big ‘no.’ However, as this is the digital age and life is practically incomplete without social media, it seems natural for people to tell all their friends about their accident on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. But unfortunately, sharing your details about the accident can be highly detrimental to your case’s success.

Defense attorneys and insurers can browse through your accounts in search of damaging information. Sometimes, even small things like a smiling photo after the accident, a tweet, or a post that says you’re beautiful can be used to prove you’re not severely injured or in misery. So, we recommend you stay away from sharing any information or saying anything about the accident on your social media accounts.

Mistake#4—Delay in Filing the Claim

You must file your personal injury claim immediately and before the statute of limitations expires. A statute of limitations is a deadline established by the state law for filing a claim. So, regardless of how strong your case may be, it may become worthless if you don’t file your claim promptly.

The North Carolina personal injury statute of limitations is three years. This means that you must file your compensation claim within three years.

However, the quicker you file, the better. This is because the incident is vivid in your mind and the witnesses’ minds. Also, it is easier for the lawyer to collect evidence from the accident scene before it is removed.

Mistake#5—Failure to Hire a Seasoned Auto Accident Lawyer in North Carolina

Many victims often don’t seek legal assistance because they consider it as an additional expense. They think that hiring a lawyer for legal representation will put a dent in their pockets and add to their financial expense, which is already too much to handle because of the medical care and lost wages.

However, hiring a lawyer can often increase your chances of getting a fair settlement. When accident victims handle their claims on their own, it is quite easy for them to make mistakes, and eventually, they might settle for less than what they deserve.

A seasoned attorney has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to guide you through your case and fight to protect your rights. They can help you seek justice and compensation for the losses and injuries incurred. They have a solid legal understanding which a layperson doesn’t.

Moreover, a lawyer in North Carolina can fight motorcycle accident cases skillfully and negotiate aggressively with the insurance companies to fight for fair settlements for their clients. They can handle the intricacies of such cases tactfully.

Contact our seasoned lawyer today to discuss your case. Let our attorney handle your case while you focus on recovery. Our attorney will manage your case from start to finish and pursue the settlement to which you are entitled. We offer services on a contingency basis, so you don’t have to worry about bearing legal expenses.

You only pay us if you get compensated.



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