Dillion Duncan (Lincolnton NC)

Mett Dillon Duncan, a hard-working 28-year-old from right down the road in Lincolnton, North Carolina. Dillon, the father of two young daughters, enjoys riding motorcycles, cars, outdoors, and being on the go. Sounds like your typical young man living a nice life, right?

Well, all that was almost taken away from Mr. Duncan one evening as he left work headed home. This is his story and his message to you:

My name is Dillon Duncan. I’m 28 years old, and I’m a Heavy Equipment operator. You know, like bulldozers and excavators. The really really big ones, I’m talking the kind that haul 40-100 tons. The kind we played with when we were kids. I have two daughters, one is 2, and my oldest is 8. They are the reason I keep going.

So, it was a day like any other. I finished up at work, closed, and locked up everything as that is my responsibility. Put my riding jacket, gloves, and helmet on. I remember pulling out of the job site taking a right, and then as I crossed into the next intersection, I saw the oncoming driver make a left-hand turn in front of me without even slowing down. The report said she was traveling between 40 and 45 mph. The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital, and the cops were asking me who took my helmet off and informed me that it was laying beside me at the scene. To this day, I have no idea who took my helmet off. My work uniform was cut from my body. When I initially woke up in the hospital, I was informed that I had two shattered arms, punctured lungs, a major concussion, a huge gash on the inside of my right thigh. My eyes were blood red. I cried blood for a week. Every time I moved the pain was so bad that I cried. I have 32 pieces of titanium shared between my two arms—Twenty-one in my left arm and 11 in the right arm. I was out of work for four and a half months. My arms hurt all the time. And I’ll have that pain for the rest of my life.

My grandfather told me that I was calling an attorney. The lady’s insurance called me twice, and I told them I wasn’t allowed to speak to them because my grandfather said so. With my parents being gone, I go to my grandparents for help and advice.

My mailbox was full of letters from attorneys. I had a package from Jason in there as well. I just started calling them. They all wanted to come out and speak with me. Now my house is out in the country, mind you. It’s what I consider a nice piece of homestead. I had attorneys pulling up in their fancy cars, shaking my hand, and immediately using hand sanitizer afterward. This is the country. You might get a little mud on your tires. I guess that was a major concern of theirs.

After dealing with those folks, I figured I’d do a little more research on these attorneys before having them come out. And that’s exactly what I did before I called Jason’s office. I looked him up, read the reviews, and thought, what the hell. I was running out of options. The reviews I kept reading said, “he did what he could to help me, not himself.” That got me thinking about how the other attorneys showed up and even the way they spoke. They acted like my ordeal wasn’t worth their time. When to me, it was my livelihood. My bills weren’t going to pay their selves. My child support didn’t stop, and my medical bills were coming in hot and heavy.

When the guy from Jason’s office came out, he even called and said he was stopping by the store and asked if I needed anything.

When he arrived, he immediately asked how I was doing, something I hadn’t been asked before by my previous visitors. He shook my hand without hesitation. He came in and sat down with me and talked to me like a normal person. This guy was down to earth and seemed like someone I would hang out with. It made me forget that I was speaking with an attorney.

What about the law firm sticks out in your mind that made you choose LOJET? The way they treated me. Ms. Eileen, my case manager, is the sweetest person in the world. Even when she called me to check in after my interview with Jason, she never asked if I was going to choose them. She legitimately called to see how I was doing and said she heard I was hurt badly, that she just wanted to check on me.

Would you recommend LOJET to your friends and family? For sure!! Without a doubt!

What is the positive from your experience with LOJET that has you here today telling me your story? The generosity that I received. The warm welcoming. Every time I spoke to them on the phone. The spirit and uplifting of these people! Even when I would call in on my most painful days, Eileen would say the nicest things and it always made me feel better. That went a long way in such a time.

They are some of the most awesome people. I understand it’s a law firm, and they have to make money, but it never seemed that way. Jason told me he was going to do everything in his power to make sure I was taken care of, and that’s exactly what he did. He even went above and beyond by giving me extra help after my case was settled.


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