Common Motorcycle Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Riding a motorcycle is an incredible thrill, allowing a rider to enjoy the open air without being encumbered by the exterior that encloses drivers. However, the same features that make a motorcycle alluring are the same features that make it inherently more dangerous than a car. As such, motorcyclists need to be doubly aware of safety and take extra precautions to ensure that a fun ride does not turn into a tragic one. Here are some of the most common motorcycle accidents and tips on how to avoid them.

The car in front of you turns left. This is one of the most common motorcycle accidents and can occur for a number of reasons. A driver might fail to see you or misjudge your speed. Motorcycles are smaller than cars and can easily hide within the blind spots of motor vehicles. While drivers should keep an eye out for you, it is not something you should assume or rely on. Do your part to maintain your own safety and keep an eye out for signs that may indicate a driver might turn in front of you.

Hitting gravel on a blind corner. When riding out on a road with twists and turns, a rider might get carried away and end up hitting gravel, sand, or some other obstruction while turning a corner. Instead of getting caught off guard, ride at a pace that allows you the proper reaction time for your range of vision.

Entering a corner too fast. Entering a corner too fast is another way to unexpectedly have an accident. As a rule of thumb, riders should only ride as fast as they are able to see and utilize visual clues.

A car unknowingly changes lanes into you. Cars are not trying to hit you, but if you are in their blind spot, and they are not paying attention, they might change lanes right into the spot you are occupying. To avoid this, be aware of blind spots and try not to linger in them.

A car rear-ends you. When cars rear-end each other, the results are not usually not anywhere near as disastrous as it is when a motorcycle is involved. Riders are not as protected as drivers and passengers in a car, and their level of exposure can result in severe injuries, or even death. Use cars as a buffer zone by staying in between a line of cars, or pulling in front of a line of cars when at a stoplight. Most importantly, always be aware of your surroundings, so that you are better able to anticipate the actions of drivers around you.

An opened car door. When driving between a line of parker cars and a stationary line of active traffic, someone might suddenly swing open a car door right in front of you. This can easily be avoided if you avoid riding between active traffic and parked cars.

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