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The largest investment most families have is their home. It is where you head to at the end of the day. Your home is where you rest at night and raise your families. But, what happens if your dream becomes a nightmare? You need an experienced, effective advocate to protect your piece of the American Dream.

Instances of defective construction have escalated to unprecedented levels as the pace of new residential and commercial building has exploded. These problems have been well-documented in numerous probing news reports throughout the country. These problems will only grow as areas in North Carolina & South Carolina continue to prosper and attract new homebuyers.

A “perfect storm” of conditions has inspired this virtual epidemic of construction defects. This includes the following facts:

Don’t allow a construction defect to harm you, your property, or your profitability. Contact our North Carolina and South Carolina civil litigation lawyers at The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor for a free consultation.

Warning Signs

There are some warning signs you should look for before you purchase a house or in your current home:



Holding the Responsible Accountable

The result of construction negligence is the widespread incidents of serious building code and shoddy workmanship. Houses leak, foundations crack, and building materials fail. Also, contaminated materials can make homeowners and their families sick. The usual scenario is that general contractors, subcontractors, and component manufacturers refuse to assume responsibility for these problems. If they do respond, they frequently propose “Band-Aid” repairs that are neither durable nor return the property to the quality for which the buyer bargained. So-called “warranties” provide little relief or protection and homeowners are left with huge bills to remediate these deficiencies. It also requires navigating a web of contractor/subcontractor relationships, insurance policies, and bond policies to get the recovery you need to fix your home.

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The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor has successfully represented homeowners in their disputes with builders, subcontractors, manufacturers, and other parties. For example, we have handled individual and class action lawsuits against manufacturers of defective products such as exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS), commonly known as synthetic stucco. We have represented the owners of commercial structures such as hotels and office buildings in their claims against general contractors. Our North & South Carolina civil litigation lawyers are also experienced in representing condominium associations in construction defect cases.

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