Exactech Defective Knee, Hip, and Ankle Implants Lawsuit

Our law firm has partnered with Forester Haynie Law Firm to investigate Exactech Hip, Knee, and Ankle implants here in the Carolinas. On February 7, 2022, an Exactech knee replacement recall notice was sent to orthopedic surgeons throughout the United States, providing information about over 100,000 defective and dangerous knee inserts implanted in patients starting in 2004. If you had a knee, hip, or ankle implant surgery since 2004, that may have involved an Exactech implant, financial compensation and settlement benefits may be available to you. Contact the Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor to discuss your case as soon as possible.

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If you or a loved one has had a Knee, Ankle, or Hip replacement since 2004 that may have involved Exactech implants you could be entitled to financial compensation and settlement benefits.


Excatech Recall Information

Although most consumers didn’t learn about this recall until 2022, the manufacturer first disclosed problems with the replacement inserts in an August 2021 recall to over 60,000 patients. The recall has now been substantially expanded to include Exactech Optetrak knee replacements sold since 2004, Logic knee implants sold since 2009, and Truliant knee systems sold since 2017.

A copy of the most recent recall letter to surgeons, along with all affected knee and Ankle implants, can be found here. The letter that went out regarding the affected Hip implants can be found here.

If you had a knee, ankle, or hip implant surgery at any of the following facilities listed below, there is a good chance that your surgeon possibly used one of the recall devices in your surgery:

  • OrthoCarolina
  • Lexington Orthopedics
  • Southeastern Sports Medicine and Orthopedics
  • The Bone and Joint Surgery Clinic
  • Southern Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
  • Roper St. Francis Physician Partners Orthopedics
  • Carolina Orthopedics

Please give us a call toll free at 800-351-3008 if you have had issues with your knee, hip, or ankle implant and/or you were a knee/hip/ankle patient at one of the facilities mentioned above.

What is the Problem with Exactech Knee and Ankle Implants?

Exactech confirmed, after extensive testing, that approximately 80% of their inserts manufactured since 2004 were packaged in out-of-specification vacuum bags that are oxygen resistant but do not contain a secondary barrier layer containing ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) that further augments oxygen resistance. This, in turn, resulted in increased oxidation to the polyethylene insert which could have severely degraded the mechanical properties of the implant. This, in conjunction with other surgical factors, can lead to:

  • Accelerated wear
  • Debris production
  • Bone loss
  • Component fatigue, cracking, and/or fracture
  • Need for corrective revision surgery

What is the Problem with Exactech Hip Implants?

Exactech has observed that in a percentage of patients, the Connexion GXL liner exhibits early linear and volumetric wear. In some patients this premature wear has led to proximal femoral and acetabular osteolysis which may result in additional revision surgeries.

What are Some Symptoms of Failing Hip, Knee, or Ankle Replacements?

Some of the symptoms caused by premature wear of Hip, Knee, or Ankle replacements may include:

  • Decrease in joint function
  • Joint instability
  • Swelling and/or stiffness in joint
  • Difficulty walking
  • Infection
  • New and/or worsening joint pain
  • Clicking, grinding, or other noises from the implant
  • Frequent or recurring dislocations

How do I Know if I Qualify for a Knee Replacement Lawsuit or Settlement?

If you or a loved one has had a Knee, Ankle, or Hip replacement since 2004 that may have involved Exactech implants you could be entitled to financial compensation and settlement benefits. It is not a requirement that you know whether a recalled Exactech implant was used before contacting us – we can investigate this further if you believe you may have been affected.

If you believe your situation may satisfy the requirements for a case, we would be pleased to explore this option with you.

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Exactech Defective Knee, Hip, and Ankle Implants Class Action Lawsuit

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