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Issues at work may require the advice and advocacy of an attorney. North Carolina and federal laws protect Greenville area residents from unfair practices. Employers may still violate laws and negatively affect your career and income.

A skilled employment law attorney can protect your rights in many situations. Employees considering new jobs may need employment contracts or noncompete agreements reviewed to meet their needs. Single employees, groups of employees, and executives have unique needs that may require a skilled attorney.

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What Does a Greenville, NC Employment Lawyer Do?

Employment attorneys in Greenville handle various cases. These include anything from lone claims of unfair practices to reviewing employment agreements for key executives. Groups or classes of employees can also join together. They will then take action against an employer for unfair practices that affect many workers.

North Carolina state laws, federal laws, and employment regulations apply to all aspects of employment. Those who feel employers have mistreated them have a legal right to make their claims. Employees can do this without fear of backlash from their employer.

Employment lawyers will help workers advocate for themselves. They can also stop unfair or discriminatory practices in the workplace. Employment lawyers will also help review employment-related documents ranging from offer letters to noncompete agreements. They can also help with severance agreements to ensure the terms are in the employees’ best interests.

What Types of Cases Does an Employment Attorney Handle in Greenville, NC?

Employment laws in North Carolina cover a wide variety of situations. Employment attorneys handle cases for regular employees, professionals, and executives for numerous situations, including:

  • Sexual harassment. Sexual harassment in the workplace is prohibited by North Carolina and federal laws. Employers must be proactive in keeping a harassment-free environment and training workers in harassment laws. Seek an employment attorney’s advice before resigning or reporting incidents. These complex situations can result in backlash. Workers who quit can lose some legal rights.
  • Gender discrimination. This type of prejudice includes treating employees differently because of their gender. It can take place through direct actions like hiring or firing, unfair workplace policies, or a hostile environment.
  • Race and national origin discrimination. Both can occur in instances similar to gender discrimination.
  • Age discrimination. These types of claims are common. Those over 40 are protected by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Determining if age prejudice occurred can be difficult. A skilled attorney can help decide whether or not you have a case.
  • Religious discrimination. Federal and North Carolina laws protect religious activities, harassment, and unfair grooming or dress requirements. Employees are owed reasonable compromise of religious practices.
  • Pregnancy. Prejudice claims for pregnant employees are guided under the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act. This act protects expectant mothers who work through their pregnancies. Employers are required to provide reasonable expectations like reduced duties and temporary leave from work.
  • Wage and hour claims. These may stem from a failure to pay wages or not compensating workers for overtime. It can also include mislabeling employees and violating minimum wage laws. Employees may be mislabeled as independent contractors or interns. This wrong label may mean they don’t receive proper wages and benefits. Other examples may include illegal practices around commissions and tips. Wage and hourly claims can result in class and collective legal action for groups of employees.
  • Whistleblower claims. Whistleblowers take personal risks and put a lot of effort into making their claims. They may be eligible for compensation and regain their employment.
  • Workplace revenge. These cases include acts against employees who file complaints or exercise their rights. These activities are protected by state and federal regulations. Revenge can take many forms, ranging from firing to harassment to demotion.
  • Noncompete agreements and trade secret agreements. Either of these can lead to legal issues and limit where employees can work. Employment attorneys can handle issues with an employer who feels you violated an agreement. They can also help review, negotiate, and draft such agreements to help prevent issues down the road. Such contracts are legally binding and are upheld if they reasonably protect the business. They can restrict where an employee works, prevent poaching of clients, and protect confidential information.
  • Severance and other employment agreements. Agreements that have legal implications include contracts, noncompete agreements, and severance agreements.

Can a Workplace Lawyer Help Me Get Unemployment in Greenville, NC?

The help of a skilled employment attorney is sometimes needed to secure unemployment claims. Those who lose their jobs or have reduced hours due to issues beyond their control often can qualify for unemployment benefits through the state of North Carolina. This application can be filled out online. Challenges securing unemployment may require the advice and representation of an attorney.

Unemployment applications are typically done online. They include information about yourself, your job, length of employment, and income. Other information needed includes other income sources and reasons for unemployment. State unemployment agencies verify the data with your employer.

You may need an attorney to help you secure unemployment benefits if your initial application for benefits is denied. You may also need an attorney if you’re currently unqualified to apply. In some instances, applicants with valid cases for receiving unemployment may need an attorney, including:

  • Your employer may have violated employment laws in terminating your employment. Scenarios include laying off an employee due to race or age. It also includes protected activities like reporting safety violations. An employment attorney will be able to help you secure unemployment benefits. Former employees with legal claims against their employer may also receive a significant settlement. This would be in addition to unemployment benefits, depending on the circumstances.
  • Workers who are fired for misconduct or willfully quit their jobs may not qualify for unemployment benefits. Unemployment is generally limited to workers who lost their jobs due to no fault or quitting with good cause. An employment attorney can help prove your eligibility for benefits from North Carolina.
  • Unemployment applicants whose benefits were denied can appeal. An appeal is a process that works best with the assistance of an employment attorney. Appeals include paperwork and possibly an in-person or phone hearing.

How Do You Choose an Employment Attorney in Greenville, NC?

Employment-related cases can become very complex and place the burden of proof on the employee. Choosing an experienced attorney who can become your advocate is a crucial step. An attorney can help with denial of unemployment, prejudice, and a hostile work environment.

Seek an attorney who listens and answers questions. You want an attorney who clearly explains your options in a way that makes you feel comfortable. A skilled employment lawyer will help you document your case. They will also develop a strategy to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Consider your comfort level, the lawyer’s experience with cases similar to yours, and the fee structure.

Unfair employment cases are likely far more common than the statistics show. Many people don’t file a formal legal case. Building a case for unfair workplace practices starts with the employee. Some steps will help you advocate for yourself and help an attorney become your advocate as well:

  • Detail the circumstances of your situation. This should include names and dates and any record you may have. It can also include other information that can help show your employer is guilty of unfair practices. Be sure not to steal information from your employer, though.
  • Provide the details of your case to your employer via human resources or a supervisor. Remember that laws protect those who submit complaints from revenge.
  • Consult with an attorney who can determine whether your case has merit and the type of outcome you can expect.

How Much Does an Unemployment Attorney Cost in Greenville?

Employment attorneys typically offer a free initial consultation. After that, there will be either an hourly rate or attorney’s fees. These fees are often a percentage of the approved unemployment benefit or other compensation. You should balance attorney fees against a settlement for your employment-related case.

Unemployment attorney fees may vary depending on the case’s complexity. You can expect to pay between 15% and 30% of the unemployment benefit to your attorney. Employment attorneys who handle other cases may seek hourly fees or work on a contingency. They get paid if you win the case; contingency rates are commonly 30% of the damages recovered.

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Employment attorneys are skilled at ensuring all applicable laws are followed to ensure a successful case. They will place client needs first and make sound decisions based on facts and research. They will steer clients away from being pressured not to seek compensation. Employment attorneys will follow the case through, ensuring clients are compensated.

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