Responding To Sexual Harassment

Some of the surveys surrounding sexual harassment are staggering. One claims that as many as 40% of women experience harassment, less than a quarter of them report it. Why?

Part of the reason is that the path forward may be unclear or frightening. What if you report the issue and lose your job, have your position changed, or face verbal abuse? All of those examples are forms of retaliation—and they are illegal.

No one should feel that they must subject themselves to continued harassment to keep their job. To prevent sexual harassment, people must understand how to recognize it and respond—and even initiate legal action through an employment law attorney.

Recognizing It
Unwanted touching or advances are absolutely forms of sexual harassment. But sexual harassment extends beyond that. Other forms may not seem as blatant, but they are harassment nonetheless. 
Because of how much information gets passed online and through social media, people can sexually harass you by spreading rumors through these forums. You can respond appropriately when you see or feel that your relationship with someone at work extends beyond professional boundaries. 

What To Do 
Document and report everything. Harassment may cause you to feel intimidated, but now is when you need to gather your strength and fight back. Your first step should be to consult your company’s sexual harassment policies immediately.

After you report them, management should investigate your claims. If the person was acting inappropriately, management must take precise and deliberate steps to prevent it from happening again. Secondly, you cannot be subjected to retaliation because you stood up for yourself. 

Any action taken by your employer needs to be both appropriate and effective. If your complaints were dismissed, not investigated, or failed to stop the sexual harassment, you need legal help. Bring your complaints and all of your documentation to an employment law attorney to discuss your issue to see if you can bring legal action against your employer or harasser. 

The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor 
If you have been subjected to sexual harassment at work or have further questions, contact The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor for a free consultation. No one should feel uncomfortable or alienated at work. Choose legal counsel who will never make you feel like you are in this alone. Let us be your legal team.



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