Most Common Types of Workplace Injuries

Some jobs are more dangerous than others, but every occupation comes with its risks and rewards. In 2015, there were about 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private industry employers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the public sector had an estimated 752,600 injury and illness cases.

However, that doesn’t account for unreported incidences sustained by workers in both industries. We have assembled a list of the most common type of damage suffered by most employees in the United States.

Head Injuries

Head injuries can be a surprisingly easy injury to sustain. Even in a slip-and-fall injury on a wet floor, a person can sustain a mild concussion in an office or factory. More serious traumatic brain injuries can happen with jobs that expose people to falling objects or moving equipment. For example, loggers are often exposed to falling branches, which can easily cause traumatic brain injuries that lead to a deficit of memory, attention, coordination, balance or can even cause death. Skull and facial fractures and lacerations are also painful and occur from a hard hit to the head from faulty equipment or carelessness on the part of a coworker or supervisor.

Back Injuries

Back injuries can be a massive problem in the construction industry and any place that requires lifting heavy objects or exposes people to falling from a great height. For example, carelessness on the part of an electrician attempting to fix a power line could cause them to fall from a great height. This could cause severe spinal damage such as herniated disks, broken vertebrae, spinal cord injuries, or death. Roofing jobs can be hazardous for the same reason.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Working long hours at the same job can cause some severe strain on your muscles, nerves, and tendons. A repetitive stress injury can happen if those muscles, nerves, and tendons get worn down or inflamed with overuse. For example, workers who use vibrating tools are the most susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome, which can be a painful irritation and inflammation of the median nerve.

Amputations or Crushed Limbs

For employees who work with heavy or dangerous machinery, such as punch presses or logging vehicles, it can be surprisingly easy to lose a finger, hand, arm, leg, or foot in the machinery. If a limb or extremity is amputated or crushed on the job, you will likely be at least partially disabled by the loss and may never be able to work in the same industry again.


Burns can happen after explosions, fire, or chemical spills in work environments. Some manufacturers require their workers to use chemicals in the production process but don’t provide extended training on avoiding accidents or what to do in the event of contamination. If burns penetrate to muscle and bone, they can be fatal. When they’re not, they often are extremely painful and leave disfiguring scars that may require skin grafts.

If injured at work, make sure you pursue compensation. An injury sustained on the job may be covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

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