Choosing Your First Motorcycle

We may be adding to the list. When you tell other motorcycle owners that you want to enter the arena, they will be welcoming. Underneath it all, there is a love of riding, and it is meant to be shared. Furthermore, they will likely offer you a lot of advice—and we are too. People gravitate towards specific kinds of bikes because there are so many types and variations. 

If you take one thing away from this, remember to get a wide range of opinions and make the safest choice that is right for you. The first proper step of getting a motorcycle is being taught to ride one by a certified instructor. 

There Are Many Types 

Before we get into the different types of bikes, it is essential to establish the right mindset. Think of your first bike as your first bike. You may want to pull into a parking lot and turn some heads, but you’re not there yet—and this cannot be your priority. Respect riding enough to give yourself a learning curve. 

When you look at the types of bikes, consider the size of the engine and the angle of your torso when riding. For instance, you will see a very iconic and classic look when you look at cruisers. The seats are low, your torso is upright, the power delivery is smooth, and you can ride them for long periods. But you still need to be careful of their size. Though they can be manageable (e.g., 300cc), they can be way too big for new riders (>1200cc). 

It is pervasive to see sportbikes come in larger sizes. Though these machines can hit 200mph, these are obviously not designed for someone in the early stages. The torso angle is closer to being flat against the bike. But if this is what you are looking for, choose one with a smaller engine. 

Easy-To-Overlook Factors 

Try as many bikes as you can. Choose the one you feel comfortable with. Seat height, the saddle’s shape, and the bike’s weight contribute to how the bike feels. When the bike is stopped, the seat height should allow you to plant both feet firmly on the ground. 

The seat height may be appropriate when you look at touring bikes, but they are also very heavy, which can be challenging to new riders. 

The Law Offices Of Jason E. Taylor 

One of the things we mentioned is that riders are a tight group—and it is one that we are proud to be a part of. If you live in North or South Carolina and have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor to schedule your free consultation. We love and respect riding, and we enjoy helping others who share our passions. 


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