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27th Annual Toy Run for Conover School

Attorney Jason E. Taylor and Marketing Director Billie Frano attended The Wizard’s (Mike Dyson) 27th Annual Toy Run for Conover School. The Conover School operates in Conover, North Carolina, and provides attentive instruction for children with disabilities. More than 460 bikers attended this year’s Toy Run, and we helped raise more than $27,000.00 to help the school and its children.

On Saturday Jason attended the 27th Annual Toy Run for Conover School. Conover school is located in Conover, North Carolina, and is a school for mentally and physically disabled students.

A friend of the community and Jason, Mike Dyson has hosted the Toy Run for the past 27 years and each year it grows as more and more people come out to see all the bikers lead by Santa Clause in his Motorcycle drawn sleigh.

There were over 460 bikers in attendance and part of the 8-mile parade to Newton-Conover High School where the students of Conover School performed musical skits that they have been rehearsing for weeks. Their teachers even sang and one played the accordion. It was such a nice treat! Jason met one of the students, Miss Nakita. Such a sweetheart!

This truly is a remarkable and touching event that Mike Dyson has and Jason Taylor couldn’t be more excited and honored to be a part of this. We look forward to next year’s event and many, many more years. This event raises donations and Toys for the children of Conover School. This year the event raised $27,000.00 and every child received a toy!

Photo Credits: Copyrighted Paulette’s Pics and B. Frano Photography.