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Ep. 10 – Dash Cams! – Attorney Robyn Buckley

Oct 14, 2020
How important are dash cams? They can save you big time! You might want to invest in one for every vehicle you have.


Famous Trials Throughout History – Episode 2 – Zenger 1735

Sep 17, 2020
Continuing our series from Speaking Truth to Power podcast, Famous Trials Throughout History, where we’ll be going over trials that helped pave the way for many of our freedoms today in the United States. This episode shines a light on the power of our juries in America with the trial of Zenger in 1735.


Ep. 9 – Safe to Work Act Pt. 2 – Jason E. Taylor

Sep 14, 2020
Bill S. 4317 “Safe To Work Act” update. Keep this bill from moving forward! Call your NC legislators and make a difference.


Ep. 8 – Safe to Work Act – Jason E. Taylor

Aug 27, 2020
Jason discussing Bill S. 4317 introduced by Mr. Cornyn (for himself and Mr. McConnell) titled the “SAFE TO WORK Act”


Vote Your Court, NC! – Episode 4 – Judge Newby

Aug 27, 2020
Voting? Ammunition for Your Decision!


Famous Trials Throughout History – Episode 1 – Anne Hutchinson

Aug 26, 2020
Tune in to our newest series from our Speaking Truth to Power podcast, Famous Trials Throughout History, where we’ll be going over trials that helped pave the way for many of our freedoms today. Starting with the trial of Anne Hutchinson in 1637, which set a precedent for freedom of religion in the United States.


Vote Your Court, NC! – Episode 3 – Summary

Aug 21, 2020
Jason summarizes his Vote Your Court Recordings. Go Vote! #VoteYourCourtNC


Vote Your Court, NC! – Episode 2 – Court of Appeals

Aug 21, 2020
Make a difference. Know the difference. North Carolina Court of Appeals Judges up for election. #VoteYourCourtNC


Vote Your Court, NC! – Episode 1 – Your Rights

Aug 18, 2020
Your rights in the “crosshairs”! Your North Carolina Supreme Court Justices need you to know and VOTE. #VoteYourCourtNC


Ep. 7 – Vote Your Court, NC! – Jason E. Taylor

Aug 10, 2020
The Appellate Court elections are right around the corner for NC. Make sure to stay tuned to this series as Jason Taylor will be weighing in with insight on the candidates. Forget the monikers, choose your candidate based on their track record. November 3rd will be here before we know it.


Ep. 6 – Supreme Court on Homosexual and Transgender – Jason E. Taylor

Jul 21, 2020
Finally: Title 7 is applied to gays and transgenders. Maybe we are getting closer to the idea that the only “discrimination” tolerated at work is related to “work performance” not “who you aren’t”! Way to go US Supreme Court!


Ep. 5 – COVID Immunity for Big Business – Jason E. Taylor

Jul 21, 2020
COVID Immunity. The Government protecting corporations over citizens.


Ep. 4 – Know Your Rights, Unwarranted Searches & Seizures – Jason E. Taylor

Jun 3, 2020
Forget the Titles, Learn the Facts


Ep. 3 – The First Amendment vs. COVID-19 – Robyn Buckley

Jun 2, 2020
In supplement to her blog titled “The First Amendment vs. COVID-19”, our attorney Robyn Buckley discusses the legal effects of the Stay-at-home order as a result of COVID-19 for NC and SC Residents.


Ep. 2 – Citizens Defending Their 2nd Amendment Right by Using Their 7th Amendment

Apr 28, 2020
In this episode, The Litigator Jason E. Taylor himself discusses a lawsuit in New York court about U.S. Citizens defending their 2nd amendment rights.


Public Service Announcement – Coronavirus COVID-19

Mar 10, 2020
This is just a public service announcement from The Litigator himself, Jason E. Taylor, on some preventative measures regarding the Coronavirus outbreak…


Guest Podcast – Business Legends – Culture, Innovation, and People

Jan 9, 2020
Listen to our very own Jason Taylor kick off the New Year by joining Reece Arlin and Christian Webb from Business Legends. They talk about the importance of corporate culture, innovation, and the power of having good people.


Ep 1. – On the 2nd Amendment – Billie, Jason, and Wes

Dec 19, 2019
In this episode, Billie, Jason, and Wes discuss their views on the 2nd amendment and its importance in our society.


Introduction to Speaking Truth to Power

Dec 19, 2019
In this episode, Billie, Wesley, and Jason all discuss what the Speaking Truth to Power Podcast is all about. We all have opinions. Speaking Truth to Power is our way of sharing ours in a straightforward, unfiltered manner. We hope this will inform, entertain, and educate. Join us with your mind open for discussion…

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