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Employment Law

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In employer-employee relationships, the employer tends to hold the power. Employers decide when their workers work, how much they are paid, and in many cases, have the ability to fire workers with minimal notice or reason. It is not uncommon for employers to abuse their authority. In fact, employers frequently overstep their bounds, and engage in practices that violate state and federal laws designed to protect worker rights.

Every day, workers are mistreated and exploited. In white collar and blue collar industries alike, people endure unsafe and uncomfortable working environments to avoid risking the loss of their jobs. People expose themselves to sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, and violations of wage and hour laws. When they are fired, they often feel they have no way to respond or fight back.

With offices in Charlotte, Hickory and Greenville North Carolina as well as Rock Hill and Columbia, South Carolina and serving throughout both states, the Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor P.C. is available to provide help to workers whose employers have taken advantage of them.

Employment Law

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