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My Precious – What have you done!

If you are like many out there, you care more about your car than your middle child, wife, husband, or significant other.  You are left staring at your damaged precious in the driveway or at the wrecking yard, and wondering what to do next.  Someone else was at fault.  Now, what do you do? Your Car is Wrecked.  What's next? Generally speaking you should have a report made of the incident.  For low property damage (less than $1000) without injuries,...

When “Safety First” Comes in Last

Report work injuries
Catastrophic or Deadly Work Accidents Most work accidents do not end in death or catastrophic injury, but unfortunately some do.  How does an injured worker or their family make certain that they obtain all the benefits to which they are entitled?  The key is to look to the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act, but not stop there.  Often there may be a civil action or action available as well, which will allow the catastrophically injured employer, or their family recover...

Justice Finally

In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery? – St. Augustine     The citizens of the midlands and low country of South Carolina were the victims of an organized robbery when the General Assembly passed the Base Load Review Act in 2007. That statute allowed two of the largest power companies in South Carolina, SCE&G and Santee Cooper, to fleece its customers of billions of dollars for the doomed-to-fail nuclear power plant project. Recent developments have...

How I Became A Successful Personal Injury Attorney

Jason E. Taylor giving 110% The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C. Charlotte, NC
  If you have been injured in a motorcycle or car collision, or perhaps you lost a friend or family member in one of these horrible accidents, you want your lawyer to give 110% in the fight for you or your loved one. Thinking about some of the battles we have fought for our clients, reminds me of where some of the most important work is done, early and out of the box. Some examples of going above and beyond...

Factors that Affect Personal Injury Settlements

The amount of settlement that you receive after an accident predominantly depends on factors surrounding your case. Based on these factors, your personal injury lawyer can manage your expectations and negotiate skillfully and efficiently, with the goal of helping you get rightfully compensated. Although each case is different and must be evaluated individually, the factors that most frequently affect personal injury settlements are: The Severity of Your Injuries The more severe injuries you incur, the larger settlement you may receive....

How to Prepare for a Personal Injury Consultation?

If you’ve been severely injured in a motor vehicle accident in North Carolina due to the other party’s negligence, then you should do two things: Seek immediate medical assistance Hire a seasoned personal injury attorney for case representation These are important because prompt medical aid will help save lives and get you on the path to recovery. And it is vital to seek legal help as your lawyer can provide you with quality guidance and assistance, thereby helping you pursue...

When Dad Says: “Try a Cheese Sandwich”

My dad practiced law and he told me when I started, “You need to try a lot of cases so you get good at trial work” and have a “bite with your bark”. He said, “you go try everything, try a cheese sandwich”.  So, early in my career I suffered several losses at the courthouse and wondered why.  Was I not any good at trying cases? I tried a bunch of auto injury cases back in the 1990’s. I remember...

Can Social Media Affect My Case?

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. TikTok. SnapChat. Almost everyone now is on social media to varying degrees. People post about everything, from selfies to what they ate for dinner, pictures of friends and family, birthday celebrations, documenting special occasions, and politics to name a few. Social media has become part of our everyday life and most people are on some form of social media at least once a day, even if it is just to browse and not post. It has become...

When Hiring An Attorney

As an experienced trial lawyer in personal injury, I frequently see firsthand how important it is for injured persons to research and hire an experienced lawyer. In a personal injury case, there may be issues of liability, contributory negligence, understanding and evaluating the injuries and preparing the case for trial.   A lawyer who does not have years of experience handling these kinds of cases may fail to assess the case or value the case properly. My advice to you, if a family...

Class Actions – What Good Are They?

One of the questions I get asked frequently when the discussion of class action lawsuits come up is “What good are they?” Class action lawsuits are a necessary—even essential—part of litigation to hold the powerful accountable. Everyone has heard of class action lawsuits. Some people may remember getting a dollar or two in the mail when the Blockbuster case settled. There are constant reminders on television with advertising for asbestos claims, talcum powder, etc. There are also a lot of...

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